4 Smart Spray Foam Rig Maintenance Tips

Many homeowners call upon service providers to insulate their homes. Statistics gathered from the EPA’s Energy Star Program estimates that monthly energy bills could be reduced by 20% through insulating and sealing air leaks within a home. Considering that, one of the most efficient ways to take care of air leaking through homes is with spray foam rigs. Statistics form the Department of Energy found that nearly 56% of all energy used throughout homes in the United States goes to keeping it heated and cooled. If you operate a spray foam rig, it’s understandable to want tips that keep your rig in the best possible condition. With that in mind, here are four maintenance tips for spray foam rigs.

  • Check Levels Before Starting Generator

    An essential aspect of a spray foam rig is the generator. Considering that, you’ll want to make sure that your generator has adequate coolant and oil levels before operations begin. In addition, it’s best to let the generator start on its own for a few minutes before adding additional load to it.
  • Ensure Spray Foam Gun Isn’t Leaking

    While spray foam equipment is popular, it’s still a relatively new technology. Therefore, it can be easy to forget about which pieces of your spray foam rig require maintenance. Considering that, the spray gun itself is an essential piece of all spray foam rigs. Considering that, it’s important to make sure that this piece of equipment operates properly. To do this, open the fluid shut off valves on your device. If you see mist or material leaking out of the gun after the shut off valve is activated, you’re likely dealing with a leak.
  • Thoroughly Clean Nozzle

    Another problem owners of spray foam rigs can encounter is when no material is coming out of the nozzle. This frustration situation can often be remedied by cleaning your nozzle after each use. In turn, you’ll help to reduce the chance of small foam bits continuing to create clogs. There are a wide range of spray foam nozzles on the market. Considering that, you’ll find the best nozzle cleaning instructions for your equipment by looking over the product handbook. These documents should contain proper nozzle cleaning instructions.
  • Drain Receiver Tank Each Day

    Another important part of spray foam rigs are the receiver tanks. It’s essential that you’re draining these tanks before your workday begins. Draining these tanks helps to remove any liquid brought on by the overnight moisture in the air. If this begins to become a major problem, it might time to consider replacing your tanks. Considering that, it’s best to choose supplies from a trusted spray foam tools and equipment provider.

In conclusion, it’s important to properly maintain your spray foam rig. In turn, this piece of equipment will operate in the most efficient manner possible. Many people utilize spray foam rigs to seal air leaks within homes and business. While statistics show that 40% of a building’s energy loss is caused by poor air filtration, leaks can also lead to huge energy losses from wasted heating and cooling costs. Therefore, it can be quite profitable to have your own spray foam rig. That being said, follow the previously mentioned tips and you can rest assured that your equipment remains in optimal condition.

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