5 of the Hottest Current Trends for Web Design

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The vast popularity of the internet has made website design extremely important. Many business owners attempt to take design matters into their hands, with less than stellar results. An improperly designed website can tank the best SEO efforts. The field of web design is one that is always changing. Hiring a website design company to build your website is a wise decision. Once you’ve started working with a web design company, you might feel like pitching a few ideas. It makes perfect sense to want to stay informed of current website design trends. Here are five extremely popular trends in website design.

  1. Letting Content Shine

    You’ll often hear about the importance of creating content. Many businesses focus on content while forgetting about how important it is to have a great looking website. A great website is one that isn’t designed to be overly distracting. It’s important that the design of a website directs the eyes of visitors to where they need to go. If a website’s design is too distracting, confused users will probably head elsewhere.
  2. Using Large and Bold Lettering

    It’s important that website visitors are easily able to read any text. Many people browsing the internet want information to be delivered in a fast and efficient manner. Having visitors scroll throughout your website to find a tidbit of information isn’t the best strategy. You’ll want to think of a sentence or two that encompasses what your business is about. Placing this text as a bold header helps to make your website more modern and accessible.
  3. Scalable Graphics are Popular

    Using the right type of images is a huge aspect of effective web design. In the past, many companies were using standard image types including BMP, JPG, and PNG. Recent changes in image technology allow a business to use what are known as scalable vector images. These images are often utilized because of their versatility. A website design company often uses scalable vector images to ensure website images are displayed clearly on multiple platforms.
  4. Responsive Website Menus

    Statistics show that 40% of people will leave a web page if it takes over three seconds to load. In recent years, mobile devices have transformed how people access the internet. There are cell phones and tablets that provide users with a platform for visiting your website. You’ll want to ensure that your website is designed to be responsive. To put it simply, a responsive website is one is optimized for viewing on multiple platforms. Statistics show that 62% of businesses that designed a website with mobile customers in mind reported increased sales.
  5. Blending Bright Colors Together

    The use of colors is extremely important in website design. Choosing the wrong colors could steer visitors away from your website. A major trend in website design is combining color splashes to create something completely original. Nearly every business has a website, it’s important to do anything to stand out from your competition. Start with a few base colors that you want to be featured on your website. Next, begin blending these colors to create something that looks great. It’s understandable to have a web design company help with this aspect of website creation.

In closing, there are several trends in web design you’ll want to consider implementing. Many businesses choose to have a digital marketing company create their websites. Working with the right company will ensure your website stays up to date. A website that is a few years old is often antiquated by not keeping up with industry updates. It’s important that design accents content instead of hiding it. One current web design trend is to use big and bold lettering, letting visitors know what you’re about right away. A website is never complete without the use of a few images. Scalable vector images are currently where it’s at in the field of website design. A modern website needs to be responsive, especially when considering the many devices capable of internet access. Think outside the box when it comes to website colors, using combinations that are unique. Having a professionally designed website helps businesses across the nation connect with their audience.

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