6 Reasons Every Business Should Have a Surveillance System


If you have a business, most likely at some point you’ve considered whether it would be a good idea to install a security video system. Surveillance systems and closed-circuit television do have their drawbacks, but the benefits of these security systems outweigh the negatives. Here are six reasons that any business should have closed circuit video for security:

Protect Yourself from Conflicts

Whenever people are together, conflicts are bound to come up at some point. It could be between your management and an employee, between two employees, or between someone in your company and a customer. When a dispute arises and an agreement can’t be reached, security cameras allow you to know exactly what really happened.

Reduce Theft

The Chamber of Commerce in the United States has estimated that theft by employees costs businesses somewhere between $20 billion and $40 billion every year. Then there’s potential theft by customers, delivery personnel, and other outsiders. All of this is deterred by security cameras.

See What’s Happening in Real Time

Modern security cameras are capable of giving real-time monitoring. Instead of hunting back through the archives you or your security personnel can monitor the office, warehouse, or front room as things are happening. There are even security systems that allow you to watch everything from your mobile phone whenever you log in.

Keep Everyone Safe

This is especially an issue if there’s ever a time when one employee is working alone. Having a visible security system monitoring everything keeps them safer than anything else. If you have a factory or warehouse where accidents are a possibility, a CCTV system means that someone will notice quickly if the problem arises while a worker is alone.

You Have Evidence in Court

It’s impossible to stop all crime completely, and criminal activity does occur. When it does, closed-circuit television systems provide you with tangible evidence good in any court. Evidence from the security system can’t forget, become confused, or be intimidated into keeping quiet.

Save Money

This one might seem initially confusing. Surely it costs money to put in a security system? Yes, but the savings start in as soon as the security system is online. For one thing, you’ll save money in a reduced theft. For another, it motivates everyone to work harder when they know they’re being watched. Finally, it’s sometimes even possible to get better insurance rates when you have a good security system installed.

If you don’t yet have any closed circuit video surveillance systems in place, there are several options available even for the tightest budgets. Plenty of companies can sell you security cameras connected to the cloud, with 720 or 1080 resolutions, at low cost. The long-term result will be increased security and safety for your company and your employees, as well as savings for you. See what the options are in your area today.

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