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8 Tips to a Better Experience Working with a Temp Agency

Companies all over the United States lose $11 billion every year because of employee turnover. At least 57% of American companies are concerned about this. These are some of the reasons they use staffing companies when they are looking to hire new people. There are also great reasons for people who are looking for work to go with temp jobs. Experts at temp agencies in Texas recommend the following tips to people looking for a job with a temp services company:

  1. Do your due diligence in picking the right temp agency. Start by talking to agencies that work in your industry. This only makes sense. The next thing you need to do is find a temp agency with a good reputation. The American Staffing Association can help you here. Keep in mind that decent staffing agencies will:
    • Do a thorough review of your past experiences and references.
    • Want to talk to you in person or on the phone.
    • Offer feedback on your job seeking materials.
    • Never take money for a placement. If you are asked to pay, walk away.
  2. Take your time when you talk to the agencies. Experts at temp agencies in Texas report that people who have the best experiences with staffing agencies take their time with the interview process. This is a serious process and you should take your talks with any agency as seriously as you would actual job interviews. When you go to regular job interviews, you should show you have done your research by asking a lot of questions. Some should be:
    • What is the process?
    • How are resumes submitted to prospective employers?
    • What kind of follow up is done?
    • How are interviews set up?
  3. Do not lie. It is not cool to add things or embellish on your resume, say the experts at temp agencies in Texas. Your resume should be totally true as should everything you tell any prospective employers. This applies to positive and negative parts of your past. If there are gaps in your employment history, problems at past jobs, or even criminal charges that have been filed against you. You do not have to answer questions that you have not been asked but if you are asked something, you need to be totally up front and honest.
  4. Go in with an open mind. You may go into the process of looking for a job with one idea of what you want but if you remain open to other opportunities, you may find you wind up with something better than you would have expected. Contract work or a temporary position can give you a chance to get experience in a new area or open you up to new avenues for employment.
  5. Do your research into the companies where you are doing your interviews. The experts at temp agencies in Texas like to remind their clients that job interviews go both ways. Interviewees can look more interested and prepared in a position and organization if they come prepared with questions but you also need to get your questions answered.
  6. Take classes if the temp agency offers them. Many temp agencies in Texas offer job seekers the chance to bone up on computer and interview skills in classes they provide or contact for. If they offer classes on anything related to your field or your job search, take advantage of them. These can also be good networking opportunities.
  7. You do not have to take the first job you are offered. One of the reasons so many companies go to staffing agencies is that they want to hire the right person the first time. If you have any trepidations about taking a position, do not take it. It is not worth it to you or the company who hired you to take a job and then learn you hate it or are bad at it.
  8. Make it easy to reach you. You need to maintain an open channel of communication between you and the temp agency. You should check in at regular intervals and get back to them quickly when they reach out to you.

Many job seekers and companies find a lot of success by working with staffing companies. These tips will help job seekers find a great job.

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