A Look At Frozen Desserts In the United States

From the yogurt machine to the ice cream machine, frozen treats are popular in all places throughout the entirety of the United States of America. Ice cream in particular is hugely popular, but frozen yogurt as well as soft serve ice cream and gelato have also climbed in popularity and maintain to this day a loyal following. In fact, the average person will eat ice cream or another variety of frozen treat nearly as many times as thirty times in just one year, indulging themselves at least once every two weeks – and sometimes more often. But from the taylor yogurt machine to a used ice cream machine, it is important to note the differences between different types of frozen treats made in different ways (such as with a yogurt machine) so as to best choose which one to enjoy.

Let’s first take a look at soft serve ice cream, made in a machine much like a frozen yogurt machine, popular in ice cream parlors around the country. What many people don’t know, however, is that the taylor soft serve machine (and other methods of making soft serve) did not have the most smooth sailing when it came to its start. Though soft serve ice cream has always been delicious, it did not always have the same level of safety in consumption. This was because soft serve, which first rose to high levels of popularity in both the 70s and the 80s in the United States, was originally made with raw eggs. Because these raw eggs where, obviously, not cooked, there was no way to eliminate and mitigate the diseases that they sometimes carried. This caused a number of people to become ill (to varying degrees) after eating soft serve ice cream during this time period in the United States. However, raw eggs are no longer used in current recipes for the production of soft serve ice cream, and it has become very safe to eat – safe even for those who tend to be more at risk from such foodborne illnesses, such as very young children, very old people, and those who have compromised immune systems.

Soft serve ice cream has actually become the preferred choice of frozen treat, with seventy percent (seven out of every ten) residents of the United States saying that they would choose a portion of soft serve ice cream over a portion of the same size of hard ice cream. Though both are very similar products, they are not identical, and many people have come to prefer the texture and taste of soft serve ice cream over that of the more traditional hard ice cream. It must also be noted that soft serve ice cream is actually better for you than the traditional hard ice cream, with only around three percent to six percent milk fat in total. Traditional hard ice cream, on the other hand, must contain at least ten percent milk fat in order to be legally labeled as ice cream. However, many brands and flavors of this traditional hard ice cream will contain much more, sometimes as much as eighteen percent milk fat when all is said and done.

From the use of the yogurt machine to an ice cream machine for sale, there is no doubt about it that many of us very much greatly enjoy the frozen treats that the United States has had to offer us, especially during hot summer months, when these treats (often made in a yogurt machine) can be used as a way to beat the heat, providing relief and delight in equal turns.

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