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Taking A Look At The Growing Importance Of The Transportation Industry In the United States

Less than truckload shipments have become hugely utilized all throughout the United States. From the LTL shipment to managing LTL shipments, the LTL market here in the United States alone has risen to an impressive value of at least thirty five million dollars, a number that is only anticipated to rise in the years to come. The LTL shipment is more in demand than ever before, and, in this sense, the LTL shipment is not alone when it comes to the world of transportation here and all throughout the United States.

In fact, the LTL shipment represents only one aspect of shipping and the increase in the amount of cargo carried throughout the United States is on the rise in general. In fact, the year of 2013 saw an already impressive fifteen billion tons of cargo transported over the course of that one year. But by the time that we reach the year of 2040, now just over twenty fully years away from our current date here at the tail end of the year of 2018, this amount of cargo is anticip (more…)

Nov 18 2018

Keeping Delicate Electronics Safe in Extreme Environments

Have you ever wondered how satellites and other delicate equipment can possibly be made reliable, considering the kind of harsh environments that they live in? How can data transmission cable continue to work under extreme conditions? The answer is various technologies such as heat treatment, sleeving, and other ways of protecting delicate electronics. Read on to learn more about what we put our electronics through, and why we need to protect them.


It was back in 1945 that a science fiction writer by the name of Arthur C. Clarke became the first person to voice the realization that satellites could be used for communication purposes. He was absolutely right, and since the 1990s the entire human race has become almost completely dependent on satellites for global communication. When satellites fail, the consequences can be felt everywhere. In 1998, the failure of the Galaxy 4 satellite affected the use of pagers for nearly 80% of pager users across the planet. Toda (more…)

Nov 17 2018