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The Ins and Outs of Better Food Product Packaging Design

The original purpose for any product’s packaging is to make sure the product gets to the market in good shape. Today, food product packaging has a lot of other things to do. It has been estimated that at least 62% of all American shoppers take the time to read food packaging labels. Today, food packaging design is a large part of any marketing campaign for a product. Whether you are looking to use valve sealed bags, custom printed vacuum pouches, or some other packaging option, there are things you can do with your design to make your product stand out.

  1. Look at your brand. Your brand is more than just a slogan or logo; it is a promise you are making to your customers. Before you are able to design an effective kind of packaging for your product you need to be completely familiar with your brand and how it is perceived by consumers. There are a few questions you may want to ask here. Look at the product itself, how it differs from other products that are similar, and who (more…)

Feb 20 2019

Chimney Demolition Intended to Improve Air Quality, But Possibly Not Completing the Task

All chimneys have a negative effect on the atmosphere, with industrial chimneys being the worst. Therefore, many have been removed from plants, with updates to chimney inspection and cleaning over the past few decades.

Dangerous Parts of Industrial Chimneys

Many commercial and industrial plants have been exhausting harmful pollutants into the air for centuries. Additionally, there are both commercial and residential chimneys releasing dangerous chemicals into the airs.

With the industrial revolution having brought the greatest amount of pollution into the atmosphere, there is much to consider in chimney demolition among these plants. Different types of chimneys exist across various industrial plants, including the following:

  • Smokestacks
  • Power plant chimneys
  • Refinery chimneys
  • Refinery smokestacks
  • Piecemeal smokestacks
  • Commercial chimneys
  • Commercial smokestacks

With different types of chim (more…)

Feb 20 2019