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Where Does Tap Water Come From?

Clean water

Before arriving at your tap, drinking water has to be treated and cleaned all of impurities.Whether for basic groundwater contamination or the introduction of industrial wastewater (70% of which is dumped into nearby bodies of water, polluting them), “dirty water” is abundant across the Earth. Consider that of the total amount of water on Earth , only 3% of it is fresh water; moreover, only 1% of all water is deemed suitable for drinking.

With the percentage of drinkable water being so minuscule, it is of interest as to just how we turn dirty water into clean water. The means through which this is accomplished is through the water treatment process.

The water treatment process takes place by first having a water source from which water is collected. Over 95% of all fresh water resources come from ground (more…)

Jan 12 2018

Drone Insurance Options

Aircraft insurance rates

The U.S. has the largest and most diverse general aviation community in the world, with more than 220,000 aircraft, including amateur-built aircraft, rotorcraft, balloons, and highly sophisticated turbojets.
Every year in the U.S., general aviation aircraft log 24 million flight hours. According to the International Air Transport Association, in 2015, more than 3.5 billion people flew safely on 37.6 million flights. It is obviously safe to fly, but having plane insurance is mandatory.

Of the gross estimated worldwide premiums of $4.62 billion collected by the aviation insurance industry in 2015, 51% was paid by general aviation, 34% by airlines, and 15% by aerospace companies. This insurance includes helicopter insurance, seaplane insurance, commercial aviation insurance, insurance for drones, (more…)

Jan 03 2018