Behind The Need For Quiet Spaces In Work And Home Alike

Even among the most extroverted of us, quiet is an essential thing for leading a happy and healthy of life, even if just in small doses. After all, there are definitely times when you want it to be quiet, such as when you are sleeping. The statistics back this up, showing that, when no noise complaints are present, hotel ratings rise by as much as 32%. And complaints over noise are by and large what hotel guests complain about the most here in the United States.

For working, quiet is also often needed. Many people work best when in a quiet and isolated environment, as it helps them to really focus on their work, to get in the zone, so to speak. When conversational distractions are present, work quality and overall productivity can both drop quite significantly, likely leading to raised stress levels for the employees in question. Unfortunately, such distractions are commonplace in the current work environment here in the United States, something that can be attributed to the fact that nearly three quarters (around 73%, to be a little bit more exact) of all knowledge workers are working in open office environments.

This is not to say that everything about an open office environment is bad. In fact, that would be boldly untrue, as there are many benefits to working in a collective space. For one, such spaces can promote a great deal of collaboration and creativity. In addition to this, office spaces that are open can also help to foster openness and closeness among coworkers, something that can be hugely beneficial for problem solving and discussing work related concerns.

However, it is largely beneficial for every office space to also have something like a soundproof phone booth or other such soundproof booth. Even just the implementation of one soundproof office booth such as a private phone booth for office can be greatly superior than having none at all. After all, having a soundproof phone booth in the office can greatly increase the satisfaction that customers have when they are speaking to customer service representatives working in the office space.

The soundproof phone booth can help customer service representatives to fully engage with the customers that they are talking to, something that is immensely important. After all, very nearly 35% of all customers will actually move to a differ business establishment after even just one negative or less than stellar customer service experience. For many people, connecting directly to an employee and feeling like they are being heard is essential to come away with a positive perception of the phone call. A soundproof phone booth – or even more than one soundproof phone booth in the office – can help to ensure that this becomes a reality for each and every customer.

An office phone booth like the soundproof phone booth mentioned above can also simply be ideal for employees to go for a quiet place to work. After all, conversational distractions are cut in half when working in a quiet space, and work errors can fall by as much has 10% as well. As a result of all of this, productivity climbs by as much has 48% and overall stress is able to be decreased by a truly astounding 27% or so for the vast majority of employees who being to work in a quiet space such as the soundproof phone booth that is becoming more and more of a staple in office spaces all throughout the country.

For many people, the soundproof phone booth is an absolute must for just about any office space that you can find here in the United States. After all, this article has shown how many ways that such a soundproof booth can be utilized, as well as how many benefits there are to having one available for use, either by customer service employees, general employees, or some of both. In order to improve the overall productivity levels of any given workplace, it is very much important that some space to work quietly and by oneself is provided, as many people work best in such settings.

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