Blocking It Out How Soundproof Offices are Workplace for the Better

Have you ever been trying to work, yet even the smallest of distractions seems to keep your mind from being its most productive? This phenomena might make you feel a bit crazy from time to time, but it is actually a lot more common than you think. If this seemed like a similar situation to you, you are definitely not alone seeing as 73% of the U.S.’s workforce (about 100 million people) are ‘knowledge workers’ who work primarily in open office environments. These environments are great for encouraging office communication, but not always for keeping things in the office at their most productive.

One of the newer solutions to a what could be considered a relatively new problem is installing a private phone booth for office use. Soundproof booths are not the most well known solution in the workplace, but they definitely speak for themselves in terms of overall effectiveness. Soundproofing an office can reduce employee stress by 27 percent. Not only this, but soundproofing an office can improve worker concentration by an impressive 48 percent. This increase in productivity and decrease in stress not only is great for the employees working there but for overall business profits as well.

A private phone booth for offices can be used for multiple reasons, be it for the sake of the employees, the company, or the customers. The number one reason people dislike calling companies: not being able to speak to a real person right away. If you have a specific area with a soundproof booth, one is more likely to be connected to a real customer support member right away, or at least sooner rather than later. U.S. companies lose more than $62 billion annually due to poor customer service. With 33% of Americans saying that they’ll consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service, the risk of lost profits is far too high to pretend it is not there or just hope for the best in avoiding it.

If anything having a private phone booth for office uses would be very beneficial to most, if not all, open work space based office areas. With a major improvement in office moral, customer reviews, and estimated profits overall, the only real question that remains in installing an office phone booth is how to soundproof an office room. Doing so costs little, and it is always better to be on the earlier end of a trend than be left the odd one out. With the soundproof market being an estimated $200 million and also being anticipated to grow at 30-50% per year, there is little risk in current investment, and plenty of rewards waiting for those who are smart and invest now for down the road. If this seems like something that would work for you or your company, it is always best to do some extra research beforehand. So look into what best works for you and your business, find the perfect phone booth office design, and get started making it a better working environment for everyone today.

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