Building Permit Expediting Services Can Save Contractors Time and Energy

Building permit expediting

When you’re in the home remodeling and construction business, there are a variety of permits that you will need to have prior to beginning a job. Whether you need an electrical permit, a solar permit, a shed permit, or a total residential remodeling permit, it probably goes without saying that you would like these to be expedited so you can get to work and complete the job as contracted.

While the cost of obtaining a permit depends on the locale, size, scope, and value of the job, prices can range from under $100 up to $1,000. In some cases, a permit may cost more than $1,000. If you are tasked with securing permits on behalf of contractors, then these can range from $200-to-$400. In order to file a permit for a specific type of project, the costs can range between $1,500-to-$3,500.

If you work in the Chicago area of Illinois, for example, you may be interested to know about the types of permits needed to work on existing residential buildings. Permits are needed under the following conditions:

    There are three or less units.
    The building isn’t over three stories.
    The building isn’t mixed occupancy.

    It’s also important to note that permits aren’t required for minor repairs.

    In keeping with the Chicago example, you may also be interested to know that permits are needed from the building commissioner when constructing fences on public streets. This is also the case when landmarks exist on the property. In these situations, it’s important to know that it is illegal to have a solid fence or one that exceeds a height of five feet.

    Last year, single room renovations accounted for 31% of the most popular renovation projects. This year, 40% of homeowners are planning to have some type of renovations made to their properties. Given that there are multiple incentives, such as federal subsidies, for installing solar panels, many homeowners may be considering these energy-efficient upgrades. Government tax credits may cover up to 30% of system costs, which appeals to many homeowners.

    When permit services are needed for various projects, whether they involve single room or entire home renovations, new electrical wiring, fence construction or solar panel installation, using permit expediting services can save valuable time and effort. Another benefit of using permit services is that a building permit expediter understands the specific requirements, including building codes and any potential restrictions.

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