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Business News: The Only News That Can Make You Money

Business radio

Business radio talk shows are about more than just filling your morning commute. Flip to the oldies station if you want entertainment. Business radio is radio that can help you make money. Period. And that’s what makes it different than every other show on the dial.

Many cities have their share of business talk shows, and some even have dedicated business stations. And if you happen to be in an unfortunate city without a business and finance news station, you can probably tune into one from a nearby town, since the majority of them are found on the AM side of the dial, and AM waves travel farther than FM.

But, like everything else in this modern world, business is moving faster, and business news articles are printed, published, and posted at a mind-bending rate. How can you expect to get all the information you really need in the car on your way to the office? The honest answer? You can’t.

More and more professionals are keeping up with financial news online, rather than waiting for a broadcast time of their favorite show. In the past decade, online news has surpassed newspaper and radio (and has tied television) as the place people go for news. And given the constant flux and evolution of so many markets, online business news articles are a natural solution to an immediate demand.

But online news is not really replacing radio news, per se. It’s augmenting it. You can still catch your favorite shows, but you’ll be able to stream them online, which makes it possible to listen to them anytime, anywhere. You can get the latest information on the stories directly (and indirectly) impacting the world of business, all while checking the latest financial news online and getting real-time stock quotes. And as wearable tech comes closer and closer to a reality (think Google Glass and smartwatches), who knows what’s in store for business radio?

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