Cat Food Instead of Krill Oil?

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Bottle packaging and blister packaging services design their products to be tamper proof. That’s why clam shell blister packs are often so difficult to open. It’s not that packaging services are trying to keep you out — they’re trying to keep product tamperers out.

Usually, blister and bottle packaging designs effectively keep their contents safe from tampering, but as Kalamazoo County in Michigan recently found out, it’s not always perfect.

Meijer Inc. stores reported this month that someone has tampered with packages of vitamins, replacing the contents with other products, like cat food. The primary product that’s been tampered with is Mega Red Ultra Strength Omega-3 Krill Oil.

According to a Portage Department of Public Safety press release, the suspect apparently bought the products and took them home, where he or she tampered with them. In some cases, the vitamin bottles were opened, had their contents switched out, and were then resealed. The suspect would then take the tampered products back to the store, and return them.

This makes sense, considering just how far packaging services go to tamper proof their products. Many times, packaging services will include a plastic lining around the cap to indicate whether the bottle’s been opened. Packaging services also often include a little foil tab on the actual bottle to further protect products against tampering.

It seems as though the tamper proofing did its job, and warned that the products had been messed by their absence, but consumers failed to realize or see the signs.

Meijer Inc. has since checked and removed any and all of the products that might have been tampered from the shelves.

The news release urges those who might have purchased goods from Meijer Inc. stores in Kalamazoo County to take a careful look at their products, and report anything suspicious. They’re also taking returns, too.

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