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No Journey Looks The Same Switching Up Your Travel Methods For Business In 2018

Not all travel is the same. In fact, that’s a good thing.

Flexibility is how you get from one point to another without getting stressed out. You decide to walk to the store to burn some calories one day, while another has you taking the train to get somewhere faster. When you’re dropping by a brand new city and want to spend the least amount of time possible running back and forth, limousine rentals are the way to go. Able to be easily fit alongside weddings, family reunions and parties alike, car hire benefits will enhance your vacation to levels you didn’t think possible.

First time hiring a car service for group events? Learn more about how they work by checking out the list below.

The Limousine Industry Today

How are limousine rentals doing today? Mainstream media would have you think the limousine is used only for weddings and corporate events, (more…)

Aug 15 2018

A Guide to How Storage Containers Can Be Used

Every single year, new developments help create new concepts and new ideas that change how we live our lives. For instance, people now care about eco-friendly materials and products. This change has led to a big shift in which people feel the need to help others.

For each recycled shipping container, we are reusing around 3,500kg worth of steel. We are also saving all of the traditional building materials, such as bricks, mortar, and wood, which do not need to be used. These storage containers can be used shipping containers repurposed into new homes and potentially into storefronts as well. Therefore, it is wise for these shipping containers for sale to be used in thoughtful new ways!

There Are So Many Storage Containers Across the Globe

A standard TEU container can hold around 3,500 shoe boxes, and a 40ft high cube can ho (more…)

Aug 15 2018

Ways To Improve Your Marketing Operations

Ways To Improve Your Marketing Operations

Personalized Print Fulfillment

Personalized print fulfillment is an important business function for many organizations and the fulfillment process varies from company to company. It generally refers to the distribution of promotional and product literature to customers and potential customers. A company may use personalized print fulfillment for promotional purposes, to fill orders or as a method of distribution to affiliate locations. To increase efficiency, personalized print fulfillment is commonly outsourced to a third party provider. There is a multitude of products you can have personalized that include:

  • Direct Mailers
  • Digital Color Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Direct Mail Marketing Materials

Color Digital Printing and Direct Mail Marketing

Believe it or not, companies all over the country benefit from what some consider “junk mail’. From co (more…)

Aug 14 2018

Four Reasons You Need To Update Your Professional Headshot

In today’s world of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, people sure do love taking pictures. According to data from Benedict Evans, people share 730 billion photos per year on Facebook and around 22 billion per year on Instagram. In fact, the number of photographs captured every two minutes today is the same as the number of photographs taken by all of mankind in the 1800s.

But aside from all the selfies, cat photos and food pictures posted online every day, pictures have a different purpose. In the corporate world, a picture, especially a headshot can tell a customer everything they need to know about a person or a business.

Data shows that it takes just one-tenth of a second for someone to form a first impression of a stranger from their face alone. What’s more, 80 to 90 percent of that first impression is based on two things: trustworthiness and competence. To be effective, a headshot photo needs to instantly relay these two qualities.

If you’re in need of new corporate (more…)

Aug 14 2018

Reasons to Take a Charter Flight

if you have ever had a horrible commercial airline flight or airport experience, it’s probably at least crossed your mind to consider a private aircraft charter. You’re probably already aware of some of the benefits of a private jet, such as amenities and comfort, and may have decided that it really wasn’t worth it for the extra price. No doubt the amenities can be wonderful in a private aircraft charter. A private jet charter can also be supremely comfortable, even when compared with business class or first class on a commercial flight. But neither of these things are really the best reasons to get a private aircraft charter. There are far greater benefits to be had:

  1. You will enjoy complete and utter privacy: if you want it.Privacy is nearly impossible in the world of commercial flights. From the invasive safety and security checks to the shoulder-to-shoulder experience at check-in and boarding, you’re simply with too many people. And that’s before (more…)

Aug 09 2018