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Get the Most from Your Custom Glass Signage with These 5 Tips and Tricks

Custom retail displays

When you are looking to add signage to the inside and outside of your business, you have a lot more options than you may realize at first. Good signage outside of your business can help get new and repeat customers in your door. Good signage located throughout your space can do a lot to make sure people make at least one purchase once they have entered your space. Here are some things you can do to make the most of your custom glass door signage and your custom retail displays.

  1. Pick the right spots for your signs. Everyone knows that, in real estate, the main thing people need to think about is, “location, location, location.” The very same thing can be said of custom glass door signage and (more…)

Jan 19 2018

Simple But Effective Ways For Small Businesses To Save Money On Postage: Part 2

printA recent survey shows that 77% of millennials pay attention to direct mail advertising, but unfortunately, it isn’t always affordable for small businesses. In the last post, we talked about some simple ways for your small business to save money on postage and shipping costs, but there are many more methods to discuss. Here are some more effective ways for small businesses to cut back on their postage and shipping costs.

Maximize content and efficiency:
Instead of sending out individual pieces of merchandise or invoices, consider sending coupons or offers in each envelope. Janet Attard writes on Business Know How, “When you do send invoices by mail or ship merchandise to customers, insert ads and promotions for other products and services you sell. The ad gets to ride along for free as long as the weight of the paper it’s printed on doesn’t bump the cost of the mailing into the next rate range.”

Consider Saturation Mailings:
Saturation mailings allow you to target specific neighborhoods and areas around your location at the most cost-effective postage rate. The idea is that like-minded people live in similar areas, so instead of having to do a demographic mailing, blanket the areas you are currently working in or have customers. And the process is simple — just identify the carrier routes you are to target and you will save on both the mailing list and postage costs. For more information, talk to your local Post Office.

Size and Weight Matter:
To qualify for Bulk standard class mailings, your piece can’t weight more than 3.5 ounces. Once you go over that weight limit, you risk going into a higher postage class at the piece-per-pound rate which can be very expensive. You also need to know the difference between “letter size mail” and “flat size mail” pieces. It costs significantly less to mail your piece in a standard size business envelope than it does in a nine-inch by 12-inch envelope. Don’t get caught having to mail at a higher postage rate after you print just because your parcel is one inch bigger than it should be. Check with your local Post Office to make sure your direct mail pieces are properly sized and set up correctly to qualify you for the best automation rates. In addition, it’s always a better idea to try to conform your business’ mailing content to fit into standard sized envelopes, since you’ll be charged additional fees for envelopes of odd sizes.

Ultimately, taking advantage of these tips can help your small business cut back on shipping and postage costs. For more information about digital printing in Tampa, contact Modern Mail and Print Solutions.

Jan 18 2018

Trade Shows, Booths, and Manufacturers

Custom trade show booth

There are plenty of different industries in the United States that the average person knows very little about. There are some of these industries that are very important and thus it is dangerous for them to be unknown to the average American like the field of medicine. However, there are some industries that are less important to the industry of trade shows.

Trade shows are places where people try to sell large-scale products. For instance, trade shows can involve the selling of wedding items and wedding photography. While it may seem silly from the outside looking in these types of large events are actually a success for many of the business that is in attendance.

The group titled, Center for Exhibition Industry Research or CEIR, records information about trade shows and also the trade sho (more…)

Jan 18 2018

Where Does Tap Water Come From?

Clean water

Before arriving at your tap, drinking water has to be treated and cleaned all of impurities.Whether for basic groundwater contamination or the introduction of industrial wastewater (70% of which is dumped into nearby bodies of water, polluting them), “dirty water” is abundant across the Earth. Consider that of the total amount of water on Earth , only 3% of it is fresh water; moreover, only 1% of all water is deemed suitable for drinking.

With the percentage of drinkable water being so minuscule, it is of interest as to just how we turn dirty water into clean water. The means through which this is accomplished is through the water treatment process.

The water treatment process takes place by first having a water source from which water is collected. Over 95% of all fresh water resources come from ground (more…)

Jan 12 2018

Drone Insurance Options

Aircraft insurance rates

The U.S. has the largest and most diverse general aviation community in the world, with more than 220,000 aircraft, including amateur-built aircraft, rotorcraft, balloons, and highly sophisticated turbojets.
Every year in the U.S., general aviation aircraft log 24 million flight hours. According to the International Air Transport Association, in 2015, more than 3.5 billion people flew safely on 37.6 million flights. It is obviously safe to fly, but having plane insurance is mandatory.

Of the gross estimated worldwide premiums of $4.62 billion collected by the aviation insurance industry in 2015, 51% was paid by general aviation, 34% by airlines, and 15% by aerospace companies. This insurance includes helicopter insurance, seaplane insurance, commercial aviation insurance, insurance for drones, (more…)

Jan 03 2018