Four Common Causes of Fire in a Warehouse

Fire alarm system

Statistics show that there are four property types that make of for 50% of high rise fires including apartments, office buildings, hotels, and facilities that care for the ill. A warehouse is another location that is prone to experiencing fires. Every warehouse manager wants to have working facilities that are safe for all employees. A typical warehouse holds many workers, keeping them safe is of the utmost importance. Knowing what causes and how to prevent warehouse fires will ensure your workplace stays safe. Many warehouse owners utilize many types of fire protection services to keep the workplace safe for (more…)

Aug 26 2017

Three Risks Every Home Health Care Agency Faces

Home health insurance

A home health care company provides much needed care to patients across the nation. It’s important that every owner knows the importance of home health care liability insurance. You never want to think that your agency will face an unpleasant situation with a patient. However, it’s better to be prepared for any potential negative situations that may arise in the future. Knowing how home care agency insurance protects you from risks is a wise decision. In this post, you will learn three risks faced without having home care liability insurance.

  1. Liability for Failing to Monitor an Issue

    The last thing that a home health care provider needs are allegatio (more…)

Aug 23 2017

Choosing the Best Project Management Program for Your Business

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There are many project management programs on the market today. As a business owner, it can be difficult to understand the difference and to know which one really provides the best business tools. As you are considering different online project management software, consider the following program needs.

The ability to manage projects efficiently

Businesses with a lot of clients often hire specific project managers. However, even that individual project manager can get overwhelmed when it comes to organization. Online project management software programs can efficiently organize and keep track of different projects goals and needs. When you choose the best proj (more…)

Aug 21 2017

How to Properly Process Foods and Recycle Items With These Machines

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Are you in the food production business? Do you own your own farm or work for a company that produces food like corn? With so many different pieces and machines needed to produce and sell food, it can be hard to keep up with all the details of what you need and how to use it. That?s why it?s important to make sure you?re up-to-date on the knowledge you need to properly and efficiently get your tasks done to make the most money. Don?t risk losing money or jeopardize your company by not following procedures and using the right materials and machines.

Interested in learning more about machines needed to crush and tumble corn? Keep reading to learn all there is to know about a tumbling drum, a food crusher, and other machines.

How to Use Machines and Materials to Properly Crush Corn

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Aug 20 2017

Epoxy or Plain Concrete? Which Flooring is Best for Your Business?

Epoxy flooring for freezers and refrigeration

Aerospace hangars aren’t like traditional basements or garages, they require a specific type of flooring. When considering the material for you aerospace hangar flooring, it’s wise to consider using epoxy flooring. What is epoxy flooring, though, and why is it the preferred material for aerospace hangar flooring? Well, for starters epoxy flooring is usually comprised of two main parts, including the actual epoxy resin and an effective curing agent. This material is so popular because it’s able to withstand the wear and tear of aerospace hangars, and is even often used in manufacturing plants and is the preferred material used in medical flooring and food and beverage flooring.
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Aug 10 2017