8 Tips to a Better Experience Working with a Temp Agency

Companies all over the United States lose $11 billion every year because of employee turnover. At least 57% of American companies are concerned about this. These are some of the reasons they use staffing companies when they are looking to hire new people. There are also great reasons for people who are looking for work to go with temp jobs. Experts at temp agencies in Texas recommend the following tips to people looking for a job with a temp services company:

  1. Do your due diligence in picking the right temp agency. Start by talking to agencies that work in your industry. This only makes sense. The next thing you need to do is find a temp agency with a good reputation. The American Staffing Association can help you here. Keep in mind that decent staffing agencies will:
    • Do a thorough review of your past experiences and references.
    • Want to talk to you in person or on the phone.
    • Offer feedback on your job seeking materials.
    • Never take mone (more…)

Feb 17 2019

Quality Over Quantity What John Deere And Komatsu Have Been Providing Excavators For Years

When it comes to your equipment, quality wins over quantity.

Would you rather use the same final drive motor for a Komatsu for years than constantly switch out? Not only does this save you time in the long run, it saves you money. Quality affects everything you do, see, and it creates a ripple effect that can be felt through your products, your employees, and your customers. Today may be a modern age, but the desire for reliable brands has never wavered. When you notice your drive motors in need of a change, take the time to really sort through the best of the bunch.

You’ll thank yourself for it.

A good motor is everything. It powers your machinery and provides you with the strength to see through any obstacle. On the other hand, an excavator drive motor that’s outdated will see you s (more…)

Feb 15 2019

Give The Gift Of Giving Back With Clothing Donations

It’s that time of the year again! Love is in the air! Festivities and Valentine-themed parties are rampant through the U.S, with elaborate gifts and outings for family and friends. However, this Valentine’s Day also tells a tale of something more important than love-themed parties—narratives of the less fortunate. There are many citizens who rely on charitable donations to last them through the upcoming frigid, winter months. Many families in need are simply overlooked to celebrate the holidays through materialistic means, but that’s not all holiday spirit accounts for. If you or a friend are truly feeling in the holiday spirit this year helping families in need and military families through the gift of giving is a present worth cherishing forever. According to statistics, the average American purchases nearly 10 pounds of clothes each year in the U.S, most of these clothes end up never or hardly being worn because the ratio of outfits to a person nearly doubles what they might wear (more…)

Feb 14 2019

Necessary Protections For The Construction Industry Here In The United States

The construction industry is an incredibly important industry here in the United States, there is just no getting around or denying this fact in any way. After all, the construction industry is involved in the construction of new buildings as well as in remodeling activity for homes and even commercial buildings all throughout the country. In recent years, remodeling projects have become more popular than ever before, with nearly one third of these projects involving major additions and other such major alterations while even more home remodeling projects – around 40% of them, as a matter of fact – center instead around minor additions and alterations. The last 30% or so of remodeling projects will regard maintenance and repair, as sometimes aspects of home become run down or simply cease to work altogether.

When such projects are undertaken, protecting the rest of the home that is not going through such remodeling work will be essential. Fortunately, this is relatively easy to do (more…)

Feb 13 2019

From Bankruptcy Filings To Divorce Cases A Closer Look Into The Legal World Of The United States

With a complex legal world here in the United States, it should come as no surprise that the amount of diversity in legal cases is really just as complex. For many people, legal matters become of a great importance, though these legal matters will differ from person to person. From the need for a professional such as a criminal defense lawyer to simply hiring a mediator to help you though divorce proceedings, lawyers come in all shapes and sizes and are very much ready to help you take on just about any legal case.

First, let’s take a look at bankruptcy filings. Here in the United States, bankruptcy filings and the bankruptcy cases that develop from them are far from uncommon. After all, bankruptcy filings truly do come in all shapes and sizes, and there are more types of bankruptcy filings than the average person might actually realize. After all, bankruptcy filings are commonplace for individual people, but these bankruptcies filings are often seen with businesses as well, small (more…)

Feb 08 2019