Making Sure That You Are Able to Make a Good First Impression Matters

Street sweeper rental

This is the time of the year when summer seems very far off. Even though the warm days of summer are months away it is easy to see why street sweepers and parking lot cleaners will be in high demand once the ice and snow melt. With the heavy use of deicer and sand many parking lots and streets require a significant amount of clean up before they look good after winter.
Although many people think of snow removal when it comes to parking lot maintenance, the fact of the matter is it takes a lot of attention by parking lot cleaners and street sweepers to make sure that these areas are safe and presentable.
Parking Lot Cleaning Services Help Businesses of All Size Make a Great First Impression< (more…)

Dec 31 2017

Finding the Right Shade of Marble Slab Can Help You Create a Rustic Look in Your Home

Natural stone for sale

If you are planning a kitchen or bathroom home remodeling project for the New Year, one of the upgrades that you might consider is selecting from various kinds of marble slabs for sale. With a color in mind, in fact, you can likely find marble slabs for sale that will fit into your design plan. As a surface, any kind of natural stone slabs for sale will serve as a reliable surface in many spaces. From durable kitchen counters that do not show any scratches or marks to bathroom counters that are easily cleaned and sanitized, (more…)

Dec 28 2017

How You Should Use Social Media to Grow Your Workforce

Group benefits

Hiring new people takes a long time. Finding the right people to hire is an important part of any strategy to succeed in business. While working with the right human resources (HR) team and using the right HR platforms can make a difference, using social media to promote your brand and your company culture can be helpful as well.

  1. Start with your strategy. Whenever you are going to try something new or look for a new way to do something you already do, the first step is to work out the right plan of attack. If you are going to use social media to attract qualified candidates to your business, you should have a strategy to do this. In a perfect world, your social media strategy to get more people interested in working for you should be a part of an overall plan to do the same thing through other c (more…)

Dec 28 2017

The Value of Charitable Donations

Donate items to charity

Have you ever wondered what to do with the mountain of unused clothes in your closet? Have you held on to items that no longer fit because you simply don’t know what to do with them? Do you feel bad simply throwing away clothes you don’t want because you don’t use them? If you answered yes to any of the above, you might consider donating your clothes.

The value of charitable donations is insurmountable, be it used clothes or household goods no longer in use. The value of charitable donations can first be seen when you look at the impact of waste on our environment. By donating clothes, we have saved 2.5 BILLION pounds of clothing from ending up in landfills, but we still send over 10 billion pounds to the trash, as we only donate about 15% of our used clothing. Still 15% is a good start and one we (more…)

Dec 28 2017

Looking for a Sign That You Need a New Sign?

Window sign holder with suction cups

Customers are exposed to somewhere around 3,000 ads and promotional messages every single day. However, some of these ads lead to bad decisions, as 6 to 10 purchases made in stores at any given time can be classified as an “impulse purchase.” Do you believe that your business can offer customers the products and services they need more than any other service available to them? If so, we have the signs that will work for your business and gain the right type of attention from those who are looking to make a well-thought out purchase. From deli signs to free standing signs, to outdoor pedestal signs and more, we have what you are looking for depending on the type of business you run.


Dec 27 2017