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Effective Ways to Improve Business Customer Experience

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In business, customer loyalty doesn’t just happen by default. Instead, it takes a lot of effort and good practices to ensure customers remain true to your brand. The modern consumer’s buying behavior has changed and people are looking beyond just products and services they can get. Today’s purchasing decision is primarily based on the experiences customers get through products, service and environment interactions. But the good thing is that, the switch in consumers expectations offer businesses a leeway to improve their product and service delivery in providing value to customers. The shift is also important as it also allows businesses to come up with innovative ways of ensuring good customer experiences.

As a business owner, it’s important to know that customers build their (more…)

Sep 21 2017

Find Out More About PCB Design and Layout Services

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Printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies have been integrated into quite a few electronic devices over the decades. Most of the traffic lights in North America, for example, have PCB assemblies. As a recent article in Sciencing magazine reports, household electronic appliances and other devices, such as computers, televisions, and cell phones all have some type of PCB. Furthermore, a computer’s “motherboard” is integral to this device’s operation. Other circuit boards enable memory, power, and other vital operational aspects.

Surface Mount Technology

With surface mount technology (SMT), the components are placed on a PCBs’ surface. These are 1/10 or less the size of a through-hole circuit. In addition to SMT, there are other types of circuit assemblies. These are Integrated circu (more…)

Sep 20 2017

3 Benefits of Using Containers as Concession Stands

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Statistics show that there are over 17 million shipping containers around the world. Nearly 11 million of these containers are in storage waiting to be used. One popular use for shipping containers is turning them into portable concession stands. Here are the benefits of using storage containers as concession stands.

Benefits of a Shipping Container as a Concession Stand

A shipping container can be used for many different purposes. Many concessions managers are turning to shipping containers for their new locations. Here are several important benefits of using storage containers as portable concession stands.

  1. Not Having to Deal with Building a Stand

    You’ll find huge cost go into having a newly built. In addition, you’ll have to deal with the time (more…)

Sep 19 2017

5 of the Hottest Current Trends for Web Design

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The vast popularity of the internet has made website design extremely important. Many business owners attempt to take design matters into their hands, with less than stellar results. An improperly designed website can tank the best SEO efforts. The field of web design is one that is always changing. Hiring a website design company to build your website is a wise decision. Once you’ve started working with a web design company, you might feel like pitching a few ideas. It makes perfect sense to want to stay informed of current website design trends. Here are five ex (more…)

Sep 13 2017

The Paper Jungle Why Businesses Need to Cut Paper Use

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While the ideal of a paperless society has long been espoused, the reality is very far from that dream. According to the World Counts, by 2030 the demand for paper will have doubled instead of having been reduced. Each office worker in America is responsible for the use of more than 10,000 sheets of paper annually. In fact, as much as 85% of all documents used in the business world are still paper based, research by the Paperless Project coalition has shown. We are sadly a nation of paper wasters and the impact on both the environment and on business costs is significant.

Businesses can take control of their paper use and waste using (more…)

Sep 12 2017