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Remember These 3 Tips When Creating Company Promotional Items

The quality of the signs a business displays are important. Good signs outside a business acount for about half of its customers. When choosing promotional items to use for a business, it is essential to get the most mileage out of the effort. It is true that a business does need to spend money to make money, one example being advertising. Promotional items can be an excellent form of advertisement when used properly. Here’s are three tips for a company wanting to integrate them into their marketing strategy.

How to Be Effective and Strategic In Marketing Efforts.

When it comes to advertising there are a couple of guidelines that apply to every industry. Ignoring certain rules will likely render any advertising displays, custom signs, or promotional items ineffective. Effective marketing aids in growing the customer base and making back its cost by (more…)

Mar 23 2019

The Growth Of The Industry Of Transportation

In the United States, the transportation industry is quite hugely important. After all, there are up to 12 million motor vehicles currently in use in this industry – all just within the United States. In addition to this, more than five and a half million drivers are currently employed throughout this industry. And recent statistics have shown that this industry is only on the rise.

The data that shows this shows that there were already up to 15 billion tons of cargo transported on a yearly basis by the time that we had reached the year of 2013. In the years that are to come, this number is anticipated to grow. By the time that we reach the year of 2040, now not so far off into the future at all, this amount is expected to reach a total of nearly 19 billion tons over the course of just one single year.

And while the actual amount of cargo is on the rise, so too is the actual value of this cargo by ton. In that same year of 2013, now more than five years in the past, a ton of (more…)

Mar 22 2019

What Good Packaging is Capable Of

Everyone is familiar with the power of advertising, and advertising is an ever-evolving field. It is not enough to merely produce food items or finished goods; sales happen when the retailer uses in-store signs, shelf tags, and most of all, attracting packaging to get a customer’s attention. Items at a grocery store, for example, are all competing for a shopper’s attention, and price alone won’t do. Food packaging and labels, such as on organic tea packaging, vegetable packaging, coffee bag packaging, and even cat or dog food packaging are carefully designed to get a customer’s attention and convince them that this is the best possible purchase. Even a head of lettuce or cabbage, or a package of baby carrots, may be made more enticing with good vegetable packaging design. Many studies and surveys have been done to see how effective packages such as vegetable packaging or kids’ to (more…)

Mar 21 2019

Blocking It Out How Soundproof Offices are Workplace for the Better

Have you ever been trying to work, yet even the smallest of distractions seems to keep your mind from being its most productive? This phenomena might make you feel a bit crazy from time to time, but it is actually a lot more common than you think. If this seemed like a similar situation to you, you are definitely not alone seeing as 73% of the U.S.’s workforce (about 100 million people) are ‘knowledge workers’ who work primarily in open office environments. These environments are great for encouraging office communication, but not always for keeping things in the office at their most productive.

One of the newer solutions to a what could be considered a relatively new problem is installing a private phone booth for office use. Soundproof booths are not the most well known solution in the workplace, but they definitely speak for themselves in terms of overall effectiveness. Soundproofing an office can reduce employee stress by 27 percent. Not only this, but soundproofin (more…)

Mar 21 2019

How To Pick The Right Type Of Jacket For A Jacketed Vessel

From food processing to pharmaceuticals to cosmetics to medical uses, there are many fields that rely on jacketed vessels on a daily basis.

What exactly is a jacketed vessel? Quite simply, it’s a container that controls the temperature of whatever is inside it. Temperature control is achieved by using a tank cooling jacket or a tank heating jacket around the vessel and circulating heating or cooling fluid through it.

When choosing the right tank cooling jacket or tank heating jacket, the choice usually comes down to the weight of whatever needs to be cooled or heating as well as the economy and versatility of whatever is being heated or cooled.

When choosing the right tank cooling jacket or tank heating jacket for a jacketed vessel, each different type of jacket offers different benefits. Those benefits include:

  • Conventional jackets: What is a conventional jacket? It’s one that provides an extra layer of covering around all or at least part of a (more…)

Mar 20 2019