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How To Pick The Right Type Of Jacket For A Jacketed Vessel

From food processing to pharmaceuticals to cosmetics to medical uses, there are many fields that rely on jacketed vessels on a daily basis.

What exactly is a jacketed vessel? Quite simply, it’s a container that controls the temperature of whatever is inside it. Temperature control is achieved by using a tank cooling jacket or a tank heating jacket around the vessel and circulating heating or cooling fluid through it.

When choosing the right tank cooling jacket or tank heating jacket, the choice usually comes down to the weight of whatever needs to be cooled or heating as well as the economy and versatility of whatever is being heated or cooled.

When choosing the right tank cooling jacket or tank heating jacket for a jacketed vessel, each different type of jacket offers different benefits. Those benefits include:

  • Conventional jackets: What is a conventional jacket? It’s one that provides an extra layer of covering around all or at least part of a (more…)

Mar 20 2019

Most Of Your Customers Don’t Stumble Upon Your Business Five Tips To Get Your Business Signage Right

People usually don’t find your business by happenstance. They find your business because you reach out to them.

While you can always count on word-of-mouth or chance to provide you an extra boost, you can’t sustain yourself on such an unpredictable metric. Steady business is the only way to keep you afloat and it’s this logic that spurs the development of smart signage. From digital LED sign boards for schools to electronic signs for businesses, it’s all a matter of being proactive. When’s the last time you looked at the location of your sign and how it correlates to foot traffic? Are you worried that your sign can look out of date?

While it can all seem complicated at a glance, signs are just like any other part of your business. Break things down into bite-sized pieces with the list below so you can start reaping benefits today.

It’s All About The Location< (more…)

Mar 19 2019

Fasteners Including Custom Shoulder Bolts and Other Screws, Nuts, and Bolts

There are many different installation processes in the construction industry, with the need for fasteners like screws, nuts, and bolts essential for different projects. The screw, nut, and bolt industry is one of its own, and it employs over 130,000 people in the United States alone. Early development of the screw dates back to roughly 200 B.C., with many advancements in the industry made for several centuries now.

Screw Manufacturers

In the earliest days of screws they had to be made by hand, so no two screws were identical. However, the actual screw industry began to take shape in 1928 when the National Screw Thread Commission began to set standards for the interchangeability of screw threads. From there, the industry has grown, both in the number of products it has been able to manufacture and the number of people that are employed. All of the different types of fasteners are able to be manufactured in standard size, torque, and capability so that large packages can be (more…)

Mar 17 2019

Not Enough Space? Rent Commercial Real Estate In 2019 To Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

We could all use a little more space in our lives.

This is true for the average American homeowner struggling to clean out their two-car garage. This is true for many college students attempting to bargain with too many belongings and too many roommates. How much smoother would your business operate if you had a little more wiggle room? This is the foundation of renting commercial real estate, whether it’s a distribution warehouse or somewhere safer to store your equipment. Not only does this give you flexibility, it gives you peace-of-mind.

Give yourself some space. Take a look below to see what commercial warehousing can do for your business.

Today’s Demand For Extra Space

Everyone needs more room these days. Just take a look at some of the most recent industry statistics. Since 2000 the amount of occupied distribution and warehouse space has increased by a staggering 85% — this is fairly consistent among all sectors, though part (more…)

Mar 13 2019

Using Machining Tools Properly

Today’s industries call for the production of many metal-based goods, ranging from the auto industry to making household appliances and beyond. Metal is a staple material, but some refinement may be necessary before a piece of metal or a metal product is ready for delivery to retailers. Metal burrs and other imperfections are common when a piece of metal is machined, and these burrs can spell trouble if they are left there on the metal. Therefore, carbide grinders are used to remove those unwanted burrs. These carbide tool grinders make use of many parts, including blocks for machinists and their work. These blocks for machinists may range in size, depending on the size of the item being machined, and blocks for machinists may also have holes in them to make them lighter or allow items to be inserted. Any workshop or factory will ha (more…)

Mar 12 2019