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4 Ways to Safely and Efficiently Grow a Small Business

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It can be difficult to know when to scale a business. You are operating successfully and easily turning a profit at the level you are currently at. You could expand your business, reach a new target market, and rapidly grow your profits. Yet, if this plan is not successful, you could lose the profits and business successes that you have worked so hard to get. These steps will help you grow your business at a rate that ensures efficiency and care.

Target new markets one at a time
Expanding too quickly can easily turn a successful business into a non profitable one. When it does come time to expand the business, it is important to do so with one market at a time. Consider which customer targets you are not currently reaching. Create a plan to expand to each of thes (more…)

Feb 19 2018

How Your Clothing Donations Can Help Veterans Charities

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What?s the connection between recycling fabrics and textiles and helping charities for veterans? You may not realize it, but your clothes donations can help these charities to fund their programs. Nearly all fabrics we use are recyclable, but only a small percentage are in fact reused and repurposed. The rest goes to overcrowded landfills. Clothing donations for veterans help organizations like the Military Order of the Purple Heart or MOPH to fund their programs to help veterans and their families.

Recycling textiles can help charities
Nearly all textiles and fabrics we use can be recycled, but the reality is that only about 15% are actually reused. The rest goes to landfills, to the tune of 10.5 million (more…)

Feb 18 2018

Is Your Office Building Truly Clean? Common Household Cleaners Might Be Doing More Harm Than Good

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When it comes to a clean business? You have to go beyond the surface.

Cleanliness isn’t just an aesthetic issue — it’s a safety concern. Residential areas, businesses and studios alike all need to be regularly maintained to keep from spreading bacteria and getting workers sick, but far too many household cleaners aren’t capable of rising to the task. In fact, some cleaning products bear harmful chemicals that can actually make dirty areas worse. Dry ice blasting and commercial steam cleaning remains one of the safest and most effective ways of eliminating all forms of contamination without putting people at long-term risk.

What Is Dry Ice Blasting?

A highly effective and thorough method of cleaning your establishment or studio from top-to-bottom (more…)

Feb 10 2018

5 Tips to Follow Before Storing Your Car for an Extended Amount of Time

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Many families choose to store a variety of items each year, in fact about one-tenth of all Americans rent offsite storage units in the U.S. American homes accumulate lots of items over the years families live in them. These items account for some of the over 300,000 items that are found in the average American home. Many items sometimes means extra storage, and unfortunately sometimes that means storage facilities must be utilized due to the lack of adequate storage space inside the home. Garages are useful for storing items, but about one quarter of houses with two-car garages do not have the space to park in them. While this solves one problem it creates another.

If you find yourself dealing with this type of dilemma, you have two options. Rent a facility to store your belongings, or find a storage facili (more…)

Feb 08 2018

Employers Showing Employees That They Care for Them

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What does an employee need? An employee doesn’t just need a good job – they need a good career that is going to put them on a fast-paced train to the future, and one they can enjoy every step of the way. Something that challenges them, with an employer that cares about how they are treated and how much they are able to advance. Recruiting agencies are one of the most perfect places to start. When people hear of recruiting agencies, “staffing agencies,” or a new “opportunity of employment,” which is how all recruiting agencies are referred to, are becoming the forefront of finding new jobs in a variety of ways.

Why Staffing Agencies Are Comi (more…)

Feb 03 2018