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Load Cells and Torque Wrenches What to Know

Load and torque measurement products

Many engineering businesses and departments rely on equipment for accurate measurements when building, constructing, or designing a product. These can include different measurement tools, such as the load cell or even specific tools to analyze the necessary rotation and tourque. Here is a quick look at these devices and how they can affect the effectiveness of an engineering team.

The load cell is a transducer that transmits an electrical signal proportional to the force being measured. There are five types of load cells depending on the primary and secondary element that is used to sense the force: strain gauge type load cells, hydraulic load cells, diaphragm load cells, spool type load cells, and ring type load cells.

Most load cells today use strain gauge technology, wh (more…)

Oct 16 2017

3 Tips for Finding the Right Charity in Your Area

Purple heart clothes donation

Many people throughout the United States give back to charities each year. You might find that you’re overwhelmed when deciding which charity should receive your donated items. It’s important to ensure you find a charity that meets certain criteria. Finding the right charity can help provide you with a place to donate items throughout the year. Here are three tips for finding a great charity.

  1. Ability to Donate All Sorts of Items

    There is nothing wrong with a charity that only allows for clothing donations. However, it’s best to go with a charity that takes household items in addition to clothing. Many people find it (more…)

Oct 15 2017

Over A Third Of America’s Roads Are In Need Of Repair How Photogrammetry Technology Is Helping

Civil engineering companies in usa

Civil engineering is the art of customizing the world around us to better suit our needs. It can be as elaborate as building a new dam to accommodate thousands of tons of water or as simple as filling up a pothole in the middle of the road. Achieving this requires a combination of photography, ongoing analysis and hard labor. Ideas large and small are brought to fruition every single day to keep up with growing demand and the biggest civil engineering companies in the world only continue to have their work cut out for them. What can civil engineering structural design do to make our world safer?

Let’s take a look.

Just like our imagination knows no bounds, civil engineering is about as vast and complex as the societies it upholds. It applies to keeping roads safe and e (more…)

Oct 09 2017

Effective Ways to Improve Business Customer Experience

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In business, customer loyalty doesn’t just happen by default. Instead, it takes a lot of effort and good practices to ensure customers remain true to your brand. The modern consumer’s buying behavior has changed and people are looking beyond just products and services they can get. Today’s purchasing decision is primarily based on the experiences customers get through products, service and environment interactions. But the good thing is that, the switch in consumers expectations offer businesses a leeway to improve their product and service delivery in providing value to customers. The shift is also important as it also allows businesses to come up with innovative ways of ensuring good customer experiences.

As a business owner, it’s important to know that customers build their (more…)

Sep 21 2017

Find Out More About PCB Design and Layout Services

Prototype circuit board

Printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies have been integrated into quite a few electronic devices over the decades. Most of the traffic lights in North America, for example, have PCB assemblies. As a recent article in Sciencing magazine reports, household electronic appliances and other devices, such as computers, televisions, and cell phones all have some type of PCB. Furthermore, a computer’s “motherboard” is integral to this device’s operation. Other circuit boards enable memory, power, and other vital operational aspects.

Surface Mount Technology

With surface mount technology (SMT), the components are placed on a PCBs’ surface. These are 1/10 or less the size of a through-hole circuit. In addition to SMT, there are other types of circuit assemblies. These are Integrated circu (more…)

Sep 20 2017