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How to Prevent a Fire With Proper Fire Protection Services and Maintenance

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How much do you know about fire protection services? When you are inside an apartment building or a restaurant, do you ever wonder what types of fire protection services are in place? Without the proper items like fire sprinklers and fire detectors, in the event that a fire breaks out, it could spread quickly. Not only is it important for all large building to have the proper protection and services, but also it just as important to make sure these things are properly maintained and serviced at all times.

Not sure how to know whether or not a building is protected with the right fire protection service? Keep reading to find out more about everything from fire sprinkler maintenance to fire protection inspections.

Fire Protection Regulations Set In Place

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Jul 27 2017

For Fire Safety, Prevention is the Key

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Fire safety is a major concern for owners and mangers of restaurants, apartment and condo complexes, office buildings and other large public spaces. Such facilities are vulnerable to fire and the risk of damage and injuries is high. Such risks can be minimized through fire safety measures that use a combination of strategies including fire warning and suppressant systems. Where fire protection services are concerned, prevention is the best policy.

How safe is that building?
Large public use buildings like hotels and motels, hospitals, warehouses and data centers are especially vulnerable to fire hazards. In fact there are four types of facilities that account for half of all high rise fires. These are apartment complexes, hotel buildings, offices and hospitals and h (more…)

Jul 27 2017

Preventative Maintenance for Optimal Construction Project Safety

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Worker falls are the most common type of injury in the construction industry. Although the worker fall and injury rates have declined over the past couple of years, there still remains a significant concern around construction laborer safety. Fortunately, there are specific OSHA set safety standards and a variety of equipment created with the goal of increasing safety and reducing construction worker falls.

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Many pieces of construction equipment are now designed with safety in mind. They contain auto shut offs and stronger barriers to falling. The crane service piece of equipment, for example, requires that construction laborers work from a high point. The crane service has an enclosed cage that prevents falls. This hock rigging method improves overall (more…)

Jul 17 2017

How to Boost Attendance For After School Functions Enter the School Marquee

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For a business location, roughly 85% of their customers live within a five mile radius. While a school is not a business, the activities the school marquee displays on any average week are posted with the intent to entice the community to show up and pay a few dollars to see a play, or a sports game, or a carnival. The humble school marquee has changed over the years, but the success behind such signage is well-documented.

How often do you look at billboards when you’re driving? While everyone knows they should keep their eyes on the road, it is also true that about 71% of drivers do glance over to read the signs posted. It can be especially difficult to ignore a mov (more…)

Jul 16 2017

How Donated Clothing Can Help Fund Programs for Wounded Veterans

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Remember when you used swap clothes with your friends and siblings? It was a good way of handing on clothes you had grown tired of, without having to throw them away. You may have outgrown those days, but you can still find a good use for clothes you no longer wear. Instead of putting them in the trash, you can donate them to charitable organizations that will put them to good use, selling them to raise funds for their programs. In some cases, you can even schedule a Purple Heart charity pick up to collect the items from your house.

How do your donations help charities?
Textiles and used clothing are among the least recycled materials, compared to paper, plastics, metal and glass. Only about 15% of textiles are recycled, while large quantities are thrown away and (more…)

Jul 01 2017