Container Trucking Companies From Food Storage to Distribution

The trucking industry is essential in order to transport consumer products and foodstuffs throughout Canada. Statistics from 2012, for instance, indicate that 90% of these items were transported by truck. It’s also important to note that the Canadian Trucking Alliance reported that this industry employs more than 400,000 workers, over 260,000 of which are drivers. Furthermore, the industry’s overall value exceeds $65 billion.

Positive Trade Relations Between Canada and the United States

Canada and the United States have experienced an ongoing positive trade relationship. It’s interesting to note that the United States continues to be Canada’s largest partner in this regard. According to 2012 statistics, nearly 66% of Canada’s overall trade value is due to its relationship with the United States.

In addition to being instrumental with transporting goods within Canada, the trucking industry facilitates shipments between Canada and the United States. Roughly 66% of the items traded between these two countries are transported by truck. This includes over 80% of the items that the United States exports to Canada as well.

Canada’s Ongoing Infrastructure Investments

The importance of having an efficient and effective transportation infrastructure cannot be stressed enough. Over the next decade, the Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative will be making a considerable investment to ensure that this infrastructure effectively meets, and potentially exceeds, its demands. It’s important to consider the positive effects that this $2 billion investment will bring to Canada as well as its primary trade partner, the United States.

Learn More About How Container Trucking Companies Can Assist Your Business

When you’re in the food and/or beverage business, container trucking companies can assist your business in a variety of ways. In addition to ensuring that your products are picked up at your food warehouse and safely delivered to their final destination, these companies offer a variety of other services. Once you consult with a container trucking company, you will be able to learn more about food and beverage logistics and other vital information to ensure your business functions optimally. At this time, you may also want to set up an ongoing transportation contract.

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