Could foam insulation be the best thing for your next building project

A Colorwise spray foam kit is thing you need for your next building project. This should be one of the easiest decisions that you make if you a re a contractor who often uses spray foam. Considering that most builds have a 40% energy loss due to poor air filtration, the better the spray foam kits that you use are the better the results will be. DO you care about your customers and their financial futures rather than just getting a building done quickly? If you are a contractor who puts their all into making sure they provide the best service possible than carefully choosing a Colorwise spray foam insulation gun will solve all of your problems easily.

What is the difference between an open cell spray foam kit and a closed foam spray kit?

Closed cell spray foam

Closed sell kids use chemicals that give off odors. They are also pliable and lightweight. A closed cell spray foam kit is easy to work with and quite often are the best choice for large projects that require quite a bit of foam. If you are part of a large project than this sort of kit could be the right one for your job.

Open cell spray foam

On the other hand, an open cell spray foam kit is ridged and worthy of difficult jobs. These kits are a little more difficult to use but if they are jostled by a person or bumped into by other equipment they will not break or have any negative turnouts. Unlike closed cell spray kits however, they do not expand as largely.

Unlike closed cells spray, these open cells typically only use water as their agent whereas a closed cell spray foam kit uses chemicals.

Although it quite depends on what your project is, Colorwise spray foam kits are an imperative part of your next construction project. Spray insulation is very needed in in any residential home or office building. In fact, 56% of the energy that is used within buildings are typically due to poor filtration and insulation. Perhaps if these homes and businesses were carefully built with the right spray foam equipment such as Colorwise spray foam than it would be less out of a business owners pocket and more into building new buildings and expanding your own talents with helping others grow.

Considering that HVAC rates are already high, their employment is expected to raise even higher between now and 2026. A fifteen 15% raise in HVAC employment means that more contractors should be learning how to work these spray foam systems in order to better service the homes that need them. Of some of these buildings had a 10% improvement in their energy services than it would save roughly $40 billion dollars for many busineses.

Do your part in helping out the buildings, homes, and businesses around you by using Colorwise equipment rental and spray foam insulation.

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