Customization and Innovation in Circuit Board Prototyping

Quick turn pcb prototypes

Circuit board prototyping and production are essential for many different industries that rely on electronic parts. Customization and innovation can ensure that clients’ needs are met. Quick turn PCBs come with prototype production quality and even expedited delivery.

The development of PCBs
Printed circuit boards or PCBs have been around for over a hundred years. Thomas Edison was one of the pioneers who used chemical methods to plate conductors onto linen paper. World War II saw rapid developments in the technology, which was later released for civilian use. With the growth in consumer electronics from the 1950s onwards, PCBs have become a staple of many industries.
As electronic consumer goods have become smaller and more streamlined, so too have PCBs. A PCB is essentially a non-conducting substrate or board with lines and pads that define electrical pathways soldered on. Its function is to connect components and to allow them to send signals and power between devices.

Prototype PCB fabrication
PCB design is now computerized, which makes customization and innovation possible. PCB fabrication involves several stages, beginning with inputting the design and fabrication data. Once the data is verified and deviations during manufacturing compensated, production can begin. Panelization allows for the production of large numbers of boards, which can then be cut or divided up into individual components.
Most rigid PCBs nowadays use FR-4 glass epoxy for the insulating substrate. The next step is to add a thin layer of copper foil through a lamination process to either or both sides of the panel. Printed circuit boards are produced by etching the circuitry into the layer or layers of copper.

QuickTurn PCBs for design testing and verification
Quick turn delivery of high quality printed circuit boards includes circuit board prototyping, with prototype-production quality PCBs including green solder mask resist, Tin/Lead HASL or Immersion Silver (ROHS) finish plating, and white silk screen legend.
Quick turn PCBs are made to the client’s specifications, to meet their needs for high quality PCBs for design testing and verification. Many manufacturers even offer expedited delivery.

From circuit board prototyping to fabrication, computer aided design and manufacturing have streamlined the process and made it more precise. Quick turn PCBs made to the client’s specifications produce high quality boards to use in design testing and verification.

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