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Internet marketing chicago

Since the rise of internet marketing that began during the mid 1990s, business owners have found themselves faced with more marketing opportunities than ever before. However, with all of that opportunity comes more competition than ever. Thus, online marketing and SEO has become fundamental to the marketing plans of all companies, large or small. However, one would be surprised at the poor effort than companies put into SEO and internet marketing. Despite the fact that around 90 percent of companies market via social media, fewer than 13 percent of those companies actually track the amount of revenue that is generated through social media marketing. What may be even more shocking is that only 30 percent of small business owners spend more than 3 hours per week on marketing through email. In the eyes of internet marketing Chicago, this is unacceptable, and this is the very reason that a Chicago seo offers to companies top notch Chicago internet marketing services. Although companies are surviving with minimal online marketing today, the story may not be a rosy 10 years down the line.

Through internet marketing chicago, companies can expect to benefit from the expertise that only an SEO Chicago can offer. For instance, an internet marketing Chicago firm understands the importance of online marketing research, and they pay close attention to both the large and small trends of online marketing. Thus, an internet marketing chicago firm knows that nearly 75 percent of web users prefer organic results over paid listings, so why invest in PPC? These are the types of questions that only a internet marketing Chicago company will be able to answer. But the most important service that a Chicago SEO can offer to clients is greater visibility. After all, in a field that has become saturated by competitors, every company must do everything it can in order to distinguish itself, its name, and its brands from hundreds or thousands of others.

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