Employers Showing Employees That They Care for Them

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What does an employee need? An employee doesn’t just need a good job – they need a good career that is going to put them on a fast-paced train to the future, and one they can enjoy every step of the way. Something that challenges them, with an employer that cares about how they are treated and how much they are able to advance. Recruiting agencies are one of the most perfect places to start. When people hear of recruiting agencies, “staffing agencies,” or a new “opportunity of employment,” which is how all recruiting agencies are referred to, are becoming the forefront of finding new jobs in a variety of ways.

Why Staffing Agencies Are Coming Out on Top

Whether you are looking for temp services, or something that could turn into more, a staffing agency could be just what you need to get a better footing in life. So what exactly does an employee look for in a job today? Employers are trying to work their hardest to keep dedicated employees on the job, even if they have come from a staffing agency and aren’t sure if this is something they want to do. With 22% of new hires leaving their job within 45 days of being hired, it is obvious that employees are not as happy with their work as they could be.

Recruiters at staffing agencies look at everything to make sure that they are bringing in the most dedicated employee, from cues that they learn on a personal level at the interview, to what the employee has done in the past. About 93% of recruiters also look at a candidate’s social media profile because it tells a bigger story about the employee and shows what usually can’t be seen just from an interview.

So what should fit an employee with the attitude to move forward in a job? Recognition programs seem to do well, with 86% of companies using one also having happier employees. On-boarding programs in the workplace also help, with 58% of employees more likely to stay for at least 3 years. A good staffing agency will look for employees who want a stable place to work that will bring them happiness for many years to come. With so many services out there, more employees can land in a position that they will appreciate, where they feel as if they could fit in for a long time.

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