ESH Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator Jobs

If you or someone you know work in any of the trades such as the mechanical, construction or electrical industries, you may want to consider taking the next step in your career and train to be an environmental safety coordinator.

Also known as an Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator, or ESH, the main focus of this job is to be sure that all workplace safety requirements (on the state and federal levels) are met and maintained. The environmental safety coordinator is in charge of safety in a workplace, and for making sure the facilities are in good shape.

This is an excellent field for individuals who have been employed in various trade industries previously, such as construction for example. The experience these individuals have from working on site is a great asset when taking the next career step and becoming an environmental safety coordinator.

Individuals who are specialists in occupational health and safety are paid a median salary of $73,600 per year. There are many EHS jobs and safety jobs available, and there is a great need for safety specialists in the United States, according to OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Per their report, in the United States for every 59,000 workers, there is one compliance officer.

Even though this may seem to be a large number of workers compared to the single compliance officer, strides are being made and safety statistics in the workplace have improved. For example, in 1972 there were 10.9 instances of worker injury and illness per every 100 workers. By 2016, however, this number had dropped significantly to 2.9 instances.

There is still much more work to be done, though. And an environmental safety officer, or ESH, will have many, varied responsibilities. They will run safety training seminars and workshops, implement policies for workplace safety, make assessments of facilities and job sites and direct safety management, just to name a few aspects of this career path.

To sum up, a career as an environmental safety officer will be filled with variety, innovation and skill. It will challenge and motivate the individual to excel, and to perform well based on experience. Above all, it will also bring the satisfaction of knowing at the end of the day that the time and talent of the ESH has been spent looking out for their fellow workers, and keeping their safety and well-being as a number one priority.

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