Explore Your Childcare Options if You’re a Working Mom

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When you’re a working parent with small children, it can be tough to find resources that ensure your child is in good hands when you’re not around. Many parents turn to daycares or an after school program, but those can often be costly and some parents worry about the care being attentive and educational enough. Child care has certainly grown in the last fifty years, as women started leaving the home to join the work force and many parents find themselves filling out a daycare enrollment application or looking at other child care management solutions for their children. It’s good for you and the kids to have some kind of management system in place to set a routine and let the children feel more adjusted from the get go.
But I Feel Like a Terrible Parent For Putting My Kids in Daycare!
Don’t worry — you’re not alone! Almost 33 million children are currently in some kind of childcare arrangement — whether it’s a daycare or after school program, babysitting, or being watched by a family member or friend. And a little over 75% of moms who work full time use some type of family care to get by, as compared to over 85% of moms who work part time. Some parents can work out arrangements where their work schedules alternate to make sure at least one parent is always home with the child. Preschoolers with working mothers spend around 36 hours in childcare and organized facilities are responsible for about a quarter of all childcare management systems.
Indeed, having a parent who is a full time stay at home parent is rare these days — less than one in three kids have that luxury! And just short of 25% of kids who are five years old or younger participate in some kind of organized management system for childcare. Day care centers, nurseries, and preschool all can help take some of the load off the parents. One third of these children have an employed mother and over 25% have moms who aren’t working but are in school.
Well Doesn’t That Get Expensive?
Of course it does! Averages compiled from research showed that families spend almost 8% of their monthly income financing child care. And over two thirds of Americans think the government or businesses should be chipping in to help fund childcare for parents who work — it shouldn’t just be solely on the parents. Many families try and have a few different arrangements — sometimes family members who live nearby are willing to take the kids after school or during the day a few days a week and preschool can help eat up time for young children. Some schools also offer free after school programs and some centers may offer lower rates or a payment plan for parents who already have a low income. It can be incredibly expensive, but there are also possibilities for working around the cost.
Can Being In Some Kind of Childcare Management System Help My Child?
Additionally, it’s been shown that having your child in some kind of child care may actually help him or her! One study conducted in 2010 found that kids who spend more time in childcare are slightly more likely to be impulsive and take risks at the age of 15 than those who didn’t spend as much time in childcare. They get more social time and are around other kids more, which can help make them more outgoing and willing to try new things. If you want to make your kid a future entrepreneur, maybe you should consider putting them in daycare! Childcare can also help kids gain valuable social skills, such as taking turns, sharing, listening, and being actively engaged.
You shouldn’t worry so much about being a bad parent or that your child will get poor care. Around 90% of kids in 2010 spent time in the care of someone other than their parents before the age of 4. It can be a tough choice to make, but with a little time and effort, you’ll be able to find a solution that works best for you and your family.

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