Exterior Cleanliness Is Just As Important As Interior Cleanliness Attracting Visitors With A Clean Parking Lot

Cleanliness is necessary for success. Businesses know it, establishments know it.

When your parking lot is covered in litter and debris it sends the wrong message to your customers. A first impression is formed in a matter of seconds, making every little bit you do and don’t do go a long way. Parking lot sweeping services can be called upon multiple times per month to keep your front lawn, sidewalk, and parking lot spotless. Not only is this good for business, it’s good for people’s health. Clean environments are more than just checking off an obligation on your chore list.

It’s a way to make sure everyone’s feeling good, at the end of the day.

The street sweeper is a common sight in city environments. That wasn’t always the case. C.S. Bishop would invent and patent the first street sweeping machine in the late 1840′s, literally and figuratively paving the way for more routine cleaning services. Machines for clearing up debris in the street would continue to be developed throughout the 19th century. Modern street sweepers are mounted on truck bodies, able to vacuum and scrub away the majority of daily build-up with ease.

The modern street cleaning industry always has another job to do. The American road and highway maintenance industry, for starters, employees over 135,000 people. It generates more than $40 billion in revenue and offers more specialized services on call, including parking lot sweeping services and the street sweeper rental. Without street sweeping diseases and outdoor air pollution would be even more rampant. In fact, parking lot cleaners for your business can have a positive domino effect.

Run off pollution is a term used to describe contamination that spreads throughout the city. This can come from roads and highways, sending heavy metals and pesticides where they shouldn’t be, and only gets worse during the rainy season. Additional examples of pollutants generated in urban areas include oil, grease, road salts, toxic chemicals, and general debris. Each city has its own street sweeping protocol that needs to be followed daily to counteract the gradual accumulation of trash in such a heavily populated environment.

Street sweeping programs are able to remove several tons of debris a year from city streets. Parking space related pollution alone ranges between $4 billion and $20 billion in both health and environmental damages. A recent National Water Quality Inventory reported that runoff from urbanized areas is the leading source of water contamination today. Street sweeping isn’t used just for large debris like dropped trash, leaves, and discarded food. It’s also good for reducing, and sometimes outright eliminating, microscopic pollutants.

When you invest in parking lot sweeping services you achieve several things at once. You keep the environment clean, particularly when you live in a heavily populated city regularly accumulating more debris by the day. You also give both new and old customers a positive image. A recent study found many customers today feel a well maintained parking area, as well as nearby sidewalks, to be key in attracting their eye. It elaborated that exterior cleanliness is just as important as interior cleanliness.

A DC sweeping service can make sure you’re never wondering how many more customers you could have attracted. Let parking lot sweeping services help your business put its best foot forward.

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