Finding the Right Shade of Marble Slab Can Help You Create a Rustic Look in Your Home

Natural stone for sale

If you are planning a kitchen or bathroom home remodeling project for the New Year, one of the upgrades that you might consider is selecting from various kinds of marble slabs for sale. With a color in mind, in fact, you can likely find marble slabs for sale that will fit into your design plan. As a surface, any kind of natural stone slabs for sale will serve as a reliable surface in many spaces. From durable kitchen counters that do not show any scratches or marks to bathroom counters that are easily cleaned and sanitized, natural stone slabs, including marble are a great surface that work well in many homes and businesses. With the implementation of architectural stone and tile, many home owners enjoy incorporating the natural elements into their home.

After previous decades when both home and business owners selected manmade products for their home, the incorporation of natural elements is a newer trend that is being used in individual homes, as well as businesses and even large hotel lobbies.
Marble Slabs Can be Used for Counters and Flooring Alike
As more and more first time home owners plan for their purchases and as an increasing number of current home owners prepare to redecorate and renovate, bathroom and kitchen projects often receive some of the most attention. Consider some of these facts and figures about the home improvement industry and the impact that these sales and projects have on the nation’s economy:

  • Marble flooring can last up to 100 years with proper maintenance. In fact, marble countertops can last a lifetime, according to the National Association of Home Builders.
  • 93% of home owners who are updating countertops during a kitchen renovation indicate that they are choosing natural stone materials.
  • Because it is typically the first thing visitors see when they enter the building, he design of a company?s lobby is important since.
  • 87% of homeowners enlisted the help of a professional during their kitchen renovation project, according to the 2016 HOUZZ Kitchen Trends Study.
  • First appearing in the Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures, the use of marble in architecture, art, and design can be traced back thousands of years.

Kitchen and bathrooms are popular remodeling projects for many home owners. If you have a current kitchen design that is centered on manmade elements, a switch to a marble surface will have a direct impact.

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