Five Signs of Problems with your Well Water

Private wells can present a number of problems to homeowners. Despite advances in well drilling, old-fashioned contamination is still possible in any well. Here are a few signs that your water may be contaminated.

There’s Air Coming out of the Faucet

You’ll notice this if your faucet sputters before the water comes out normally. Experts agree that this can indicate that your plumbing system is pumping air. This is often a sign that you need to replace the drop pump, but it can also mean that the water table has dropped dramatically or that harmful gases are forming in your well. If you notice this happening, call an inspector to provide repair and well treatment.

The Water Seems “Off”

It doesn’t matter if you have smelly well water or strange coloring–any water impurities should be a sign that you need to check for water contamination. Water that is red, white, blue/green, or yellow can indicate trace chemicals or elements in your well, ranging from excess iron and copper to silt or road salt. Likewise, water that has bubbles or appears to have trace gases can indicate the presence of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, or methane. If your water smells like sulfur, that can also indicate contamination. It may seem obvious, but never drink water that you think may be contaminated. In many cases, you may need to switch to bottled water until you can find a well treatment.

You or Your Neighbors Have Been Getting Sick

Not all water impurities will be visible, though. Many private well owners live in rural areas, which means that they are subject to contamination from agricultural runoff. Nitrates from agricultural waste are often odorless, tasteless, and colorless, so you may not notice they are present in your water until you begin to grow ill. If you and your neighbors all have private wells, it’s possible that you may be subject to the same levels of contamination. Keep in contact with nearby properties and seek water testing if you find yourself ill without a seeming cause.

Your Energy Bills are High

One of the first signs that you have problems with your well is often a rising utility bill. This can indicate that the pump is continuously cycling to maintain water pressure and/or that it has become clogged with silt, sand, and sediment.

The Pipes are Rusty or Corroded

If you’re continuously calling the plumber to look at deteriorating pipes, it could indicate that there’s something wrong with the source water. There could be a number of contaminants that build up in the pipes and cause blockages or that gradually corrode the plumbing.

Water wells should be monitored regularly, but if there are any abnormalities, you should seek well treatment services right away. Never take a chance with your drinking water: precautions ensure that you’ll have safe, clean, healthy water.

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