Four Common Causes of Fire in a Warehouse

Fire alarm system

Statistics show that there are four property types that make of for 50% of high rise fires including apartments, office buildings, hotels, and facilities that care for the ill. A warehouse is another location that is prone to experiencing fires. Every warehouse manager wants to have working facilities that are safe for all employees. A typical warehouse holds many workers, keeping them safe is of the utmost importance. Knowing what causes and how to prevent warehouse fires will ensure your workplace stays safe. Many warehouse owners utilize many types of fire protection services to keep the workplace safe for everyone. Here are four common causes of warehouse fires every manager needs to know about.

  1. Workplace Accidents

    There are two types of workplace accidents that can occur. One type of accident is something that would have been unavoidable in any situation. Another type of accident is one where an employee is at fault by not paying attention or following safety measures. Any type of workplace accident can lead to a fire starting in the workplace. You’ll want to ensure your warehouse has multiple types of fire protection services in place. A warehouse fire can start as the result of many different circumstances. Utilizing multiple fire protection devices ensure you’re ready for anything. If a fire is the result of an avoidable accident, it might be time to update operating manuals.
  2. Older Fire Alarms

    Fire alarms help to keep business around the world safe from the spread of fire. You might be unaware of exactly how old the fire systems are in your warehouse. It’s best to ensure fire alarm repairs are taken care of right away. Having all fire alarms working optimally helps any warehouse manager to rest assured while on the job. Statistics show that hotel and motel fires are responsible for $76 million in annual property loss. Not having fire alarms inspected regularly could mean your warehouse experiences the same kind of damaged property.
  3. Faulty Wiring

    Statistics show that, between 2004-2006, 19% of fires occurring in hospitals took place because of an electrical malfunction. It’s imperative to regularly have someone check all wiring within your warehouse. One exposed or torn wire can become the cause of a huge fire. Faulty electrical equipment carries risks of both fire and electrical damage to a warehouse. If you notice any faulty wiring, it’s best to disconnect any affected machinery. In the event machinery can’t be safely disconnected, you’ll want to keep workers away from a faulty device. Some pieces of machinery will need to be disconnected and removed by a special company.
  4. Not Disposing of Cigarettes Properly

    Many workplaces have strict no smoking policies in place. You’ll want to ensure that your warehouse does not allow smoking inside of the facilities. A warehouse is commonly filled with equipment, documents, and cleaning supplies which all are potential fire hazards. Someone smoking a cigarette near your warehouse dramatically increases the risk of fire damage to the building. It is the company’s discretion to allow smoking on a work site. If you do allow smoking, you’ll want to implement safe areas for smoking that are away from your warehouse. Certain types of fire protection services including smoke alarms and sprinklers can work to stop a stray cigarette from causing fire damage.

In summary, there are several types of fire risks every warehouse manager will want to avoid. If a workplace accident happens, it’s best to find out if said incident was avoidable or not. You might want to update safety documentation if a recent workplace accident has taken place to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Older fire alarm systems are common culprits of structure fires. You’ll want to utilize multiple types of fire protection services including alarms and automatic sprinkler systems. Faulty wiring is a common cause of fires in the workplace. All faulty machinery needs to be removed from active use immediately. A lit cigarette can cause massive fire damage to almost any type of structure. You’ll want to ensure warehouse workers have a designated smoking area in a safe location. Many warehouse managers utilize fire protection services to keep their buildings safe from the threat of fire damage.

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