Four Reasons to Distrust Companies That Offer Guaranteed SEO Services

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To draw new clients and increase revenues, most people today will tell you that it is necessary to invest in online marketing, whether this means hiring an internet marketing consulting service or spending time unraveling this detailed process yourself. If you choose the former, as many businesses do, you will likely see that some of these online marketing agencies offer guaranteed SEO services and other appealing promises. Does this sound too good to be true? You’re likely correct. Read on to learn why any promise of guaranteed SEO services should be taken as a sign to check out some different internet marketing agencies.

It’s An Impossible Promise
SEO is a competitive field with many players. As a result, any company that promises guaranteed SEO services is essentially telling you that they will succeed in spite of dozens of other companies and businesses fighting for the same spots and the same keywords. But even if they could achieve this, what would they do if another company in your industry hired their services? Promise them the second ranking? It seems unlikely.

Rankings Fluctuate
How you rank on search engines like Google varies based on a number of factors, including a user’s location, the device they’re using, and the specific nature of your search. And just as you are constantly adapting and improving how your company is advertising itself, other businesses and SEO companies will be trying new things that may or may not work. Because of this, SEO is considered an ongoing process that requires maintenance and experimentation. Unless your online marketing agency has some sort of sixth sense for industry conditions, user behavior and the choices of competitors, you can’t be sure that you will always maintain a certain ranking or level of success.

“Guaranteed SEO Services Likely Doesn’t Mean Good SEO
Because it is impossible to guarantee results in SEO, it is likely that any company that offers guaranteed SEO services is using some morally gray or outright “black hat” behavior to get there. Black hat SEO is defined as aggressive internet marketing tactics that do not follow search engine rules, such as invisible text or keyword stuffing. Any results from black hat SEO are usually temporary, and can have serious consequences for your website in the long run.

The Company Likely Doesn’t Know What They’re Doing
If an online marketing agency makes you a guarantee, they are either being duplicitous or may not realize that their promise is impossible. This means that any results they create will likely be accidental, and their work as a whole will be disappointing, costly and time-consuming. As a result, you would be better off working with a company that offered you no promises, but had the skills and experience to help you increase your return on investment over time.

Guaranteed SEO services may sound like an attractive feature, but it is unfortunately impossible for a number of reasons. Because of this, if an SEO company mentions this to you, you should take it as a sign to seek out a different agency.

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