Four Reasons to Know When It’s Time to Change Jobs

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Anyone who has been with a company for a long time knows that there comes a point when it’s time to move on. The reasons aren’t always immediately clear, but many folks get the feeling when they’re being disrespected, their ideas aren’t valued, or they just don’t get the same charge out of their work as they once did. This sounds like a difficult task to accomplish in today’s economy, but it doesn’t have to be impossible to find a new job. Here are four reasons a job might not cut it anywhere, and how temp agencies can help candidates find new work in a fulfilling position.

Ideas Aren’t Valued

It always stings when ideas given to a company are no longer valued. Lack or praise, and even credit make it difficult to find excitement and interest in a company that obviously doesn’t feel the same way about their workers. Over 80% of individuals say they appreciate and find meaning in what the company does when it has a program that recognizes contributions and hard work. Many individuals believe this is the beginning of something more, such as the company getting ready to find reasons to fire them or lay them off. When one starts feeling their way, it’s important to start looking. A staffing company is a useful place to start, giving individuals a go-to when ads in the newspaper and online are looking lean.

Others Start Jumping Ship

It’s difficult when favorite coworkers start leaving a company and going somewhere else. Over 55% of companies say that employee retention is a problem. If you notice a lot of people within the company leaving for one reason or another, it may be time to evaluate what’s going on, and what causes them to leave. Even if one isn’t ready to jump ship just yet, it doesn’t hurt to get started with a temp agency and find out what other options there are.

There’s a Ceiling That Becomes Dead-End

Many people stay with a company to work their way up, gain more responsibility, and even have a hand in how the company operates. For those that have reached a position that doesn’t offer any further growth, this can be a disappointment. It may seem safe, but for those who have a higher salary, they worry about losing their position to someone who will do the same work for less pay. A temp agency can help individuals find companies that match their needs and offer them work that is challenging and interesting-often for more money.

The Employment Opportunities Being Sought Aren’t There

It’s not uncommon for people to take a job simply because it’s there and they need something. During this time, they develop skills and slowly grow out of the position they were originally hired for. Staffing companies can work with individuals, putting their talents and skills to use for a company that will use them. For those that find their current company no longer cuts it, it’s time to move on and seek greener pastures elsewhere.

Some people have negative feelings associated with using a temp agency. The truth is, over 3 million workers in America use staffing companies as a means of employment. This leads to new contacts and often permanent jobs that are an improvement of what they left behind. Temp service hires for a variety of sectors, including those that are professional and skilled. No matter what an individual is looking for, these are one of the best and easiest places to begin their job search.

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