From Glass To Aluminum To Plastic The Timeline Of Today’s Most Efficient Plastic Bottle Design

Plastic exists in an interesting limbo today.

Plastic bottle suppliers are working harder than ever to balance an eco-friendly mindset with a speedy manufacturing process. Countries around the world are looking toward plastic alternatives, even as they consume more colored bottles and clear plastic jugs than ever. Figuring out how to create the most efficient custom bottle manufacturing means taking into account all these details and transforming them into something that pays off. Fortunately, your options are looking pretty good. There are more than enough custom blow molding options you can choose from to realize your goals in good time.

Let’s learn more about blow molded containers today and how you can have the best of all worlds in one smooth package.

The Consumption Of Plastic Worldwide

Just what are the rates of plastic consumption? Let’s take a look at some statistics to get the bigger picture. It’s thought the world both makes and consumes around 600 billion pounds of plastic every year, with the market growing at 5% or so within that span of time. When you consider population increases and the rising standards of modern customers, it’s easy to see why these rates are borderline astronomical. The United States remains one of the biggest consumers, both for sheer size and remaining an economic giant.

Plastic Products In The United States

Now to look at what American rates are experiencing. It’s estimated Americans use nearly three million plastic bottles every hour. Combine that with the fact the United States is the third largest manufacturing industry and you have numbers that would make even the most seasoned professional sway. Plastic bottle suppliers have a lot of work to do in order to keep up, ranging from fine-tuning their blow molding process to recycling more frequently. Obtaining all of your minor and major details means relying on blow molding machines that are designed for a singular purpose.

Growth Of The Plastic Industry

What are custom plastic bottle manufacturers looking forward to? Today the average manufacturing company is able to choose from extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding and stretch blow molding as the three methods of the industrial process. Injection molding and general plastic manufacturing can be found all around the company, from small businesses to major corporations. An illuminating study provided by the National Association For PET Container Resources (or NAPCOR) sees over 5,000 million pounds of PET bottles and jars available for recycling.

Blow Molding Machine Advancements

Today’s technology is nothing short of incredible. Between the different blow molding options and the speed at which massive amounts of product can be produced, the future for more efficient plastic consumption is looking bright. The year 2013 saw over 105 billion pounds of plastics and resins being manufactured, a significant increase over just the prior year. Your standard blow molding machine consists of three major parts. You have the extruder, the accumulator die and the molds from which containers are processed.

Crafting Industrial Plastic Bottles With Suppliers

Your plastic bottle suppliers are your biggest resource in combating waste and low-quality products. Today the American plastics industry employs around one million workers and contributes nearly $375 billion to the economy. A mere two pounds of plastic are able to deliver over 1,300 ounces (that’s 10 gallons) of a beverage. Compare this to three pounds of aluminum, eight pounds of steel, and 40 pounds of glass to do the same. Bottles and containers contain around 55% of HDPE packaging, thanks to HDPE displacing heavier metal and glass in the 1970′s.

Do you want more efficient gallon plastic jugs and commercial jars? You’re in luck. Reach out to plastic bottle suppliers and ask about their rates this year.

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