Going Green with Your Office Cleaning Services

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Working in an office definitely has its perks. Of course, it is not for everyone, but there are plenty of people who do genuinely enjoy it. As with any job, there is an element of teamwork that is necessary for everything to work out successfully. This can include splitting up the tasks of keeping the office clean. However, there are certainly advantages of hiring a janitorial service, even among the offices where everyone is able to contribute to keeping things tidy. Every employee has a job to do when they arrive at work in the morning, and those jobs are meant to further the progress and profit of the company, whether that is selling paper or scheduling appointments with lawyers. Giving employees cleaning tasks takes away from those goals, while hiring a team that provides quality office cleaning services will allow everyone to get done what they need to.

Office cleaning services for the health, wellness, and success of all

There are many different types of cleaning services, so when you are going about finding the right office cleaning services for your company, you want to be sure to do your homework. You want a company that will do a quality, thorough job efficiently, ensuring that you are getting the highest quality for what you are paying, and that you are bringing your employees into a clean workspace. Just about 100% of workers say that they worry about catching a virus while on the job, and that is not always about working in close quarters with one another. A desk that hasn’t been cleaned properly can actually become home to 400 times as many bacteria than you would typically find on a toilet seat. Commonly touched items such as keyboards and telephones need to be cleaned much more than those using them will often think about. A good cleaning team will thoroughly disinfect, providing a clean and productive space for workers to complete their tasks.

Green janitorial services for the health of workers and the planet

Many people focus on disinfecting and sanitizing when they are cleaning, for the sake of the health of those using the area or objects that are being cleaned. But what many people do not realize is that the chemicals that are used and then flushed out to drain in pipes and eventually rivers, are toxic to the earth. Our species has done an awful job to this point of taking care of the planet we call home, but these days, there are more options available to us to change that. Going green in every possible area will help to reverse the negative environmental impact we’ve had on the earth so far.

On top of the negative impact these cleaning products have on the planet, many of them can also be harmful to people as well, which is no surprise. While there are around 17,000 petrochemicals that are used in the office and in the home, only 30% of those have been tested and cleared as safe for exposure to humans and the environment. Unfortunately, indoor air pollution can often be as much as 100 times higher than the air pollution outside, where you would expect to encounter it from emissions from cars, factories, and other typical contributors. Becoming aware of the air quality inside can prevent serious health issues down the road.

Finding the right office cleaning services will do wonders for your company
. You just need to be sure to investigate the cleaning companies available to you, and choose the one that is best for the health of your employees, for the productivity of your business, and for the environment.

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