Hiring a millennial could be the saving point of your business this day in age

Who is better at selling to millennials than millennials themselves? At this day in age where we put so much emphasis on coaching millennials and teaching them how to take over the business that have been put together before some of them have even been born, we’ve lot the fact that many of these fresh faces could probably build our businesses from the ground up in their sleep. The trails and tribulations that occur today are vastly different than the roadblocks that were placed in front of older generations. Yet it all comes down to one thing, wanting to see our businesses thrive regardless of having at times four generations in the workplace at once. For many, seeing the difference between older generations and millennials can be a hard gap for some to understand.

Let’s set one thing straight. What exactly is the years that make someone a millennial? The words get thrown around so often that perhaps it is difficult to remember that the millennial generation is anyone born within the years 1981 to 1996. When selling to millennials it is perhaps important to remember that most of them are not little children, these are individuals who have been forging paths for themselves for years now. Yet millennials have gotten the rap of being the lazy generation. This generation has proven to be one of the capstones in the multigenerational workforce.

In fact, most of the millennial generation crave feedback, 80% of them would like and would benefit from constant feedback rather than the traditional performance reviews that were once given out. When selling to millennials and garnering their attention and help with businesses it is important to keep in mind that while these demands and needs may seem as if they are millennials wanting to be coddled, it is actually individuals looking to provide your businesses by receiving the needed feedback they could want to improve the way that they work and the way that your business can thrive from their better understanding on how to make your business run smoother.

While managing different generations in the workplace can seem like a difficult task, it is a workplace that knows that all of the generations that work within their business are important and each have their own key way of doing things. With millennials making up 37% of the workforce in the United States, it is better to learn how to deal with millennials in the workplace than to contradict your business and lose valuable workers all because of some silly reputation that does not reflect the work that they do.

The next time you’re looking to hire a new position in your business remember that most of those you will be securing will be selling to millennials. Your business will thrive if you simply have a multigenerational workplace that encompasses all generations and works with the benefits that they all bring to the table.

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