How Deli Signage Can Be Used to Encourage Customer Purchases

Unique retail display ideas

Deli signage is more than helpful when it comes to advertising the latest meats and cheeses that are available for purchase. It?s important to have brand names prominently displayed, since most shoppers make their choices based on the data that is provided to them in the store. In fact, over 80% of folks get make the choice to buy or not based on their experience in a store. Given this information, it is important to make sure their shopping experience is as easy and relaxed as possible, in order to ensure that they are able to get everything they need easily and with as little hassle as possible.

Consider How Impulse Buys Are Used to Make a Difference

Over 10% of shopper purchases happened because of a display the shoppers noticed while they were out. This can mean a lot to store that have areas where they are trying to sell product that might go unnoticed, if it were not for proper signage. Consider how important deli signage is for a deli department. Areas such as these, where products are not easily seen for most shoppers can be increased with a more prominent view. Everything from deli case sign holders to custom retail displays can be created, and help to divert a shoppers attention in order to make everything more noticeable. Most shoppers don?t always see small cuts of meats or cheeses, so it is important to do everything possible to draw their attention to the product, in a way that helps to encourage them to make an impulse buy.

Understand How Signage Can Draw Attention to Products

Signage can be big, prominent, and help bring attention to something that most people do not see or notice. Studies have been done on how signage affects consumers, and it has been shown that when merchandise with a sign is compared to merchandise without a sign, those that do not have creative retail display ideas sold 20% less than those that did have outstanding signage. Deli meat signs should be colorful and draw attention to the customer?s eye, especially those of popular name-brand meat that customers go out of their way to buy. Customers might not really think about getting a specific brand of meat, but once they see that the deli offers it, would consider going out of their way to get it. This can also be helpful since customers are allowed to have a sample of items from the deli, and can make an educated choice that way, rather than letting price alone make the choice for them.

Consider Using Eye-Catching Window Decals

All deli counters can make use of advertising specials through clear window decals. Since many people make their way over to the deli since that is where the produce and many other items are, it is helpful to use these decals as deli signage. Since it is clear, it won?t obstruct the item that the customer is interested in. Some window decals offer a space to write in the price or a similar special deal, making it easy to encourage a purchase. For items that do not go on sale, having signage over items that are cheaper can still encourage purchasing. Since the signage is attracting attention, people shopping at the deli counter are going to make a choice based on what is suggested to them, especially if they are in a hurry.

When it comes to deli signage, many managers find they need to get creative when encouraging purchases of certain items. Customers might not always be aware of certain items, but with help from signage that is both interesting, and draws attention to the product, making sales is not as hard as one might imagine.

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