How Electronic Document Storage Can Help Your Business

When you are running a business, it is pretty safe to say that you are aware of a lot of the major costs. You know that renting an office space will cost money, and that you will be factoring into your business expenses some basic essentials like paying your employees, for one. But there are some costs that you might not anticipate, or that sneak up on you a bit faster than you would expect. Office supplies are among those sneaky, larger expenses.

Going paperless for your business and for the environment

There are a number of office supplies that make the daily duties within
the office much easier and more efficient. Getting stocked up on these essentials will make things run much more smoothly in general. But as you continue to buy more and more office items, you will likely start to brainstorm about how you could be cutting back on costs. It does not take much research to find that there are significant benefits to switching over to a paperless system wherever it is possible.

Plenty of people weigh in on the pros and cons of a paperless system, with many for it and many against it. There are those who are so familiar with how things have always been done that it is simply easier for them to comprehend data on a physical piece of paper they hold in their hands rather than clicking around on a screen. But even if you do appreciate having a hard copy, there is no denying that a paperless system is more efficient for connecting everyone and for helping to improve the environment. One study showed that about 17% of everything that is printed is considered to be waste, and not all of that is recycled. And there is more than one benefit of print management and electronic document management services in general.

Seeing a change in your business

Quite simply put, printing a lot of paper means cutting down a lot of trees and creating more waste when those countless papers inevitably do not all get recycled. So switching over to electronic document management systems makes a lot of sense when looking at the situation through the lens of helping the environment. But do not forget that the right electronic document management can also end up helping you save quite a bit of money as well.

One estimation shows that every single office worker across the country is responsible for using around 10,000 pieces of paper every single year. This is an astounding number of sheets of paper being stocked and used. But what is worse is that on top of that 17% that is automatically considered waste, there is another 15% that are inevitably misplaced, and 7.5% that are lost altogether and never recovered. That is a lot of paper that does not end up serving any purpose other than ending up as litter or clogging a landfill. And those sneaky costs of running a business? Had you guessed that printer and copier costs were going to be among your highest bills? These costs are quite often the third largest expense in the office setting, following only rent and payroll.

There are ways to cut costs as well as make your business more environmentally friendly. Switching to paperless systems and online or network storage is just one way to improve the efficiency of your company.

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