How Hydroponic Farming Can Benefit Every Person In The United States

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For many in the United States, hydroponics and all that it entails (from a hydro air pump to a 100 watt high pressure sodium light) can offer a huge array of alternatives from food sources as well as alternative medicines. Hydroponics mean that more crops can be produced in a shorter time and a smaller space, increasing our production but decreasing a considerable amount of waste. The hydroponics industry is flourishing, but there’s a lot that goes into making a hydroponics set up run smoothly.

Hydroponic crops have proven incredibly successful, as you can plant nearly four times the crops when using hydroponics as opposed to using traditional soil methods. Certain tools are required for hydroponics, from the implementation of a hydro air pump to the utilization of a high pressure sodium light. Replacement electrodes and leaf trimmer machines are also often necessary parts of any smoothly running hydroponics system. But even though these supplies like a hydro air pump are necessary, hydroponics save a startling amount of water, up to 90% of what is used in traditional soil farming. Added to this, crops have been proven to grow up to twice as quickly in a hydroponics system, as they have more and easier access to light and nutrients as well as oxygen.

Hydroponic systems have a further purpose past the growth of crops, though they are certainly a viable alternative to soil farming. Hydroponic systems can also be an ideal way to grow plants used in alternative medicines. These alternative medicines are particularly ideal for those who suffer from chronic pain or terminal illnesses like cancer, but they can also be used for conditions like anxiety and depression, and are growing in popularity in certain places around the United States. In fact, nearly 40% of all adults in the United States engage in some aspect of alternative medicine, and herbal treatments are the fastest growing facet of alternative medicine that is commonly used. Up to 12% of children also partake in alternative medicine treatments under their parents’ guidance, and they too can benefit from the implementation of hydroponic farming.

Hydroponic farming has many uses, from the faster and less wasteful growth of commonly consumed crops to the growth of herbs used in alternative medical treatments. Even though hydroponic farming requires tools like a hydro air pump and high pressure sodium light fixtures, it can grow crops in a shorter amount of time and with less waste than typical soil farming, making it a viable option for farmers in the food industry.

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