How Office Chair Mats can Keep Workers Healthy and Productive

Chair mat office

Finding the right furniture can be important for office workers. Their health and productivity are affected by the typical posture of office work, sitting in front of a desk or computer for long hours. These lead to health problems that can turn into chronic conditions. Whether it’s a small home office or a large office, ergonomic furniture can make sure that everyone stays healthy and that the work gets done. With desks, chairs, lamps and ergonomic black chair mats, a well furnished office space can be healthy and productive.

Special chairs for office work
Ergonomic chairs were first invented by Charles Darwin, who put wheels on an armchair in his study at home. This was to help him to move around more easily within his office, from examining specimens to his desk to write. The idea picked up through the late nineteenth century, as office work became more widespread. By the middle of the the twentieth century, ergonomic design for office chairs was being introduced to counter the health problems associated with sitting in one posture all day.
The typical posture of the office worker, sitting at a desk leaning forward, soon produced medical and health problems. Add in computers with their addictive screens, and the incidence of neck and back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome increased dramatically.

Ergonomic design reduces heath problems
In 2001, the National Research Council estimated that as many as 1 million people suffered from musculoskeletal disorders because of their office working conditions. These problems led to loss of work hours and productivity. According to figures from the National Research Council, these caused financial losses between 45 and 54 billion dollars in 2001 alone. In addition to the work hours lost, office workers suffered from health problems that could turn into chronic conditions.
Since the twentieth century, a great of thought and technology has gone into designing ergonomic office furniture to prevent such problems. Office floor mats and custom chair mats can help to make office workers more comfortable and productive. They also have the advantage of protecting the flooring from the wear and tear that comes with moving chairs with wheels.

Different types of custom chair mats
Chair mats are usually the finishing piece when it comes to office furniture. They make it easier to move chairs around the office space, while protecting floors, rugs and carpets from the constant wear and tear of chair wheels. Thicker black chair mats are longer lasting and offer more protection for the surface underneath.
Some commercial offices have leases that specify penalties for any damage the premises. Carpet chair mats can help to prevent any damage to carpets and flooring by office chairs and other furniture. Oversized chair mats that can fit under all furniture, including desks, avoid leaving any awkward empty spaces where wheels can catch or trip.

Ergonomic office furniture like desks, chairs and black chair mats can help workers remain healthy and productive. Chair mats also protect flooring and carpets from any damage from chair wheels and other furniture.

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