How Signage Can Attract Impulse Shoppers

The average American grocery business more than 20,000 products, all competing to attract the attention of the consumers. Since about 94% of all retail sales take place within the physical store, companies are ramping up their displays and using visuals to stand out from the competition and attract attention to their product. Changing signage frequently attracts attention and allows you better branding control. Sixty-eight percent of American consumers have made a purchase because a sign caught their interest. It’s more than just words on a sign when it comes to advertising. You want to strengthen your brand and bring attention to it.

What They See is What They Buy

Consider the grocery business, the option to pick-up groceries has gained popularity, however, you can’t guarantee product freshness and you could miss any last minute promotions in store. With this in mind, knowing that people still stop in the store gives you an advantage and opportunity for in-store marketing. Despite the increase in online sales, many people still prefer to buy in-store. Shoppers will use their smartphones to do research products, 77% of consumers will go to a store to shop. Nearly eighty-two percent of shoppers make their purchases in store.

Direct Consumers Attention Toward Products

According to a study by Marketing Support, Inc. and Leo J. Shapiro and Associates, about one-third of all consumers make a sizeable impulse buy every week. Six to ten purchases in a store can be classified as impulse purchases. According to a 2014 Mass Merchant Study, 16% of unplanned purchases were due to a display noticed while shopping. The 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study revealed that 66% of consumers have tried a new product because the packaging caught their eye. Businesses that pay close attention to packaging have reported a 30% increase in consumer interest. Studies show that full-priced merchandise performed 18% better with signage than without. Several studies, including one from Brigham Young University, showed that merchandise with a sign outsold merchandise without a sign by 20%.

Keep in mind the role of visuals in getting consumers attention. They can help drive traffic to your grocery business, increase sales for your e-commerce business or bring traffic that increases overall profit. Whether it’s a custom retail displays, price tags for retail or a printed sign, be sure to make it visually stimulating and attention-grabbing.

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