How to Balance Web Design and Internet Marketing

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The internet has irrevocably changed how consumers and businesses interact not only with each other, but with themselves. New word and terms have been coined and added to the dictionary in order to describe this new way of life. The internet entirely has changed the lifestyles, culture, and day-to-day interactions of consumers, spilling into other areas of their life. In fact, according to statistics, Americans spend nearly 2.7 hours socializing via a mobile device, such as a smart phone, than they do eating!

As such, traditional forms of marketing, while still quite applicable and relevant, have all but been replaced by internet marketing and web design. As the internet markeintg movement began to take off, a plethora of internet marketing firms began springing up across the United States and internationally. The secret to effective web design is there is no secret. The best internet marketing campaigns are successful due to several factors, including good web design.

Having a content marketing strategy without good web design is like trying to run a car with no fuel. Seems silly, right? It is. Web design supports your internet and content marketing strategies and vice versa. Good web design employs the basic properties of graphic design, the field in which in stems from. Graphic design is based on the principal fusion and balance of both form and function, meaning a design is considered effective when it is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Web design is no different. Content should be organized into some form of hierarchy, allowing the most pertinent and relevant information to be easily spotted by the viewer. The website itself should be easy to use and intuitive. Viewers should be able to quickly identify the information they need without having to scour the page.

The best internet marketing campaigns are able to seamlessly balance effective web design and content marketing, taking into account that the majority of internet users do not “read” content in its entirety but prefer to scan. However, this doesn’t mean the content should be sub par. The best internet marketing campaigns still utilize high quality and relevant content to engage viewers who do read.

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