How to Boost Attendance For After School Functions Enter the School Marquee

Outdoor led signs

For a business location, roughly 85% of their customers live within a five mile radius. While a school is not a business, the activities the school marquee displays on any average week are posted with the intent to entice the community to show up and pay a few dollars to see a play, or a sports game, or a carnival. The humble school marquee has changed over the years, but the success behind such signage is well-documented.

How often do you look at billboards when you’re driving? While everyone knows they should keep their eyes on the road, it is also true that about 71% of drivers do glance over to read the signs posted. It can be especially difficult to ignore a moving sign, such as outdoor LED signs, as the human brain is primed to look for sources of movement. It’s a little sneaky, but it works. Marquee signs that have scrolling text are more interesting to look at, plus more information can be communicated.

If digital LED business signs are flashing and drivers glance at them, you might be wondering why that matters. For one thing, people do tend to remember what they read, especially if it is brief, such as a slogan or tagline. Also research supports that when a person sees a sign for a business they are more likely to go there. One poll found that 32% of people visited within one week a retailer whose billboard sign they had seen a few days prior. When applied to school functions, there is a very good chance that a driver who idly read the scrolling of the marquee earlier in the week will attend the function on Friday night.

This could be applied to our school marquees as well. Community members who routinely attend school activities might be doing so because their child attended or is currently attending. Although this provides a start, it would be helpful to bring in more people to attend these functions, and it starts with letting people know the school is there. Nearly 35% of pollsters acknowledged that they only frequented a business because of a sign they had seen, not necessarily because they had planned to go there. An adult may not plan on Sunday night to attend the high school football game that Friday, but they may end up going if they see the big flashing sign in front of the school.

Schools need help from the community more than ever. Functions such as big sports games, plays, and carnivals help to raise funds for much-needed supplies and other necessities. To get the word out, school marquees are one way to inform the surrounding community what the students are working on, and invite others to attend. Once these newcomers go to one school play, maybe they’ll return for the next one. That’s how a business grows their customer base, and there’s no reason a school that is short on funds cannot do the same.

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