How to Design a Custom Sign

If you have a business, you probably already know how important the right signage is to your sales and your bottom line, as well as your brand recognition. When asked, 85% of people say that signs say something about the personality or the character of a business. A sign that’s placed well can expose the average local buyer to your brand as often as 50 or 60 times in a month. In fact, estimates are that good custom display boards, banners, yard signs, or other types of signage on the site of your business are as valuable to you as taking out 24 full-page newspaper ads each year. The key, however, is good signage, and custom display boards have to be done right if they’re to have the best effect. Here are some of the things you need to consider.

Designing Custom Display Boards: Environment

It matters what abuse your sign might go through, whether it’s from the elements, from people, from vehicles and bike traffic, or even from people’s pets. It’s important that you take into consideration what possible fluids it will be exposed to, how heat will affect your sign, and how much shock it can undergo.

Designing Custom Display Boards: Ergonomics

How will people see and read your sign? How far away will they generally be, and will most people see it on foot or in their cars? If they’re in cars, how fast will they be going, and thus how long will they actually have to read your message? Will the sun shine directly on it at certain times of the day, and will people be able to read it after dark? Are there any trees or other buildings that could interfere with your sign? What are the local regulations about sign heights and sizes?

Designing Custom Display Boards: Relevance

When you design a custom display board or banner, you want to make sure it doesn’t become obsolete too quickly. The more expensive and permanent the sign, the more important it is to avoid too much in the way of dates and times that will quickly pass and make the sign look irrelevant. If you’re advertising a special sale or event on a particular date, use lower cost signage that you don’t mind removing immediately after the event. Nothing makes you look sadder than to have a sign flapping in the breeze for weeks advertising something that is long over. As you design permanent signs, don’t date them with overly-trendy logos, font styles, or pictures, either.

Designing Custom Display Boards: Time Constraints

Whenever you custom design anything, you need to give the manufacturer extra time to make it, as well as build in enough time for you to make a good design and have it checked and doublechecked. Don’t wait till the last minute! A custom display can take as long as 10 to 12 weeks to produce in the final form that everyone is happy with.

A customized sign can make a huge impact on your business and your brand, but only if you do it right. Think carefully about your signs and do them right: half of all customers who go into a business go in because of the sign outside. Make sure your signs are doing and saying what you want for your brand.

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