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How to Prevent a Fire With Proper Fire Protection Services and Maintenance

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How much do you know about fire protection services? When you are inside an apartment building or a restaurant, do you ever wonder what types of fire protection services are in place? Without the proper items like fire sprinklers and fire detectors, in the event that a fire breaks out, it could spread quickly. Not only is it important for all large building to have the proper protection and services, but also it just as important to make sure these things are properly maintained and serviced at all times.

Not sure how to know whether or not a building is protected with the right fire protection service? Keep reading to find out more about everything from fire sprinkler maintenance to fire protection inspections.

Fire Protection Regulations Set In Place

When it comes to safety from fires, there are plenty of rules and regulations already set in place for different businesses and buildings. There are specific systems required in buildings depending on different sets of requirements. For example, if a building is below 2,500 square feet, it falls under a specific category. In this category, the Early Warning Fire Detection system is required throughout the building. There are no exceptions for this regulation.

While you may not know whether or not the building you are in is properly serviced and maintained, it is helpful to know that these type of regulations are set in place. If businesses or buildings do not follow them, the fire departments throughout the United States will make sure they are implemented when they do their inspections throughout the year. Additionally, it is not enough to simply have fire sprinkler installation in your building. It is just as important to make sure you have fire sprinkler inspection and fire sprinkler maintenance throughout the year to guarantee that they are working and able to do their job in case there is a fire.

Ways to Reduce Damages From Fires

When a fire starts, there can be damage to the property, injury and loss of life if the right systems are not set in place. One way we know what the best systems are is that they prove time and time again to help prevent the loss of life during a fire. For example, when a building has the right services and there is proper repairs and fire sprinkler maintenance, there is less likely to be injury or death. In fact, less than two people have ever died in a properly serviced building with sprinklers according to the National Fire Protection Association.

If owners of buildings do their part to add automatic sprinklers and early warning systems, it could help even more if a fire starts. There could be a 50% reduction in loss of life, property damage and injury to people inside or near the building.

When owners of buildings do not comply with this requests and standards, there are unfortunate circumstances at times. Throughout a year, fires at hotels result in 15 deaths, 150 injuries, and can result in $76 million in property loss. If all these hotels made the switch to automatic sprinkler systems and early detection systems and made sure that there was fire sprinkler maintenance, these statistics could lower drastically.

So, what buildings should start making changes to their fire protection services? Four of the most important buildings for properly maintained fire protection services are hotels, offices, apartments and any facility that cares of sick or elderly. In each of these instances, it is on the owner and operator of the building to make sure things are in order in case a fire starts. Those living within or working within the building will be negatively affected in there is no fire sprinkler maintenance or inspection.

Have you ever used fire protection services to make sure the building you own meets regulations for safety? How often do you do fire sprinkler maintenance in your building? Let us know in the comments about your experience with different types of fire protection services.

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