How You Might Be Losing Money Through Your Windows – And How You Can Stop It

Being a home owner involves a lot of responsibilities when it comes to the upkeep of the home, from caring for the interior of the home to the siding to, of course, the roof. All too often, however, home owners here in the United States forget about their windows and doors. This can end up costing them a lot of money in the long run, as windows and doors alone result in a great amount of heat loss. And when there is that level of heat loss, especially during the winter months, your energy bills will go up, as your heating systems will need to overcompensate to keep your home at the desired temperature.

Fortunately, however, there are a number of ways to reduce this energy loss and improve your monthly savings – and these methods are likely not nearly as drastic as you think. In fact, simply using window tint to decorate windows can make a huge difference in your energy savings. In addition to this, using window tint to decorate windows can have a number of benefits for your health as well, making the benefits of safety film incredibly vast – and very much important across the board.

For starters, of course, using window tint to decorate windows will bring down your heating and cooling costs quite significantly. When it comes to cooling costs, this is largely due to the fact that safety window tint can reduce solar heat by very nearly 80% (around 79%, to be a little bit more exact). Solar glare is also cut down by as much as 50% when someone goes through the process of using window tint to decorate windows. However, up to 80% of visible light is still allowed to get through (and no less than 30% of visible light, at that), meaning that your rooms will stay bright and happy even after building window tint has been applied. All in all, you’re likely to save as much as 40% on your next utility bill after using window tint to decorate windows all throughout your home.

And using window tint to decorate windows throughout your home can also help you to protect your skin, something that far too few people think about when they’re inside. In fact, most people assume that being out of the sun directly, such as when they are inside or inside of a car or other such motor vehicle, means that they are fully protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Unfortunately, though more than two thirds of all adults believe this, it is very much far from the case, though the sun’s exposure is certainly not as strong as when you are outside and directly in sunlight.

In fact, up to 50% of UVA rays are able to pass through windows and while this is not as strong of a concentration of these damaging rays as in direct sunlight, they can still certainly have a negative impact on someone’s skin. This is something that can be seen particularly clearly when we look at people who drive for a living, as the side of their face that faces the window is often considerably and noticeably more weathered than the other side of their face, the one that was more sheltered from the sun’s rays penetrating that window. Fortunately, using window tint for decorating windows can essentially solve this problem, as it block more than 99.5% of all UVA rays.

By blocking these rays you’ll also be able to keep your home, from pictures to rugs to drapes to furniture, from fading, one of the many benefits of solar control tint. As more than 50% of home owners are worried about this very thing happening to their belongings, many of them very cherished ones at that, the use of solar control tint and using window tint for decorating windows can have a huge impact on the overall quality of your home.

All in all, using window tint to decorate windows is highly advisable for so many different reasons, from those of aesthetics to health matters.

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