Indoor Air Pollution Is At An All-Time High What’s The Most Effective Deep Cleaning Method Available?

Sometimes a quick clean-up job just isn’t enough.

Whether you work in the food industry or have a hotel to manage, you’re more than familiar with the phrase ‘scratching the surface’. While sweeping and mopping have their function in the day-to-day, there will eventually come a time you need to take advantage of the clean industry and go for a truly deep method. Dry ice blasting companies are a fantastic resource when you want to go beyond a superficial touch-up and eliminate the vast majority of bacteria, insects and general contaminants standing between you and a polished business. How does CO2 blasting work and why is it worth the effort?

The list below will detail the financial and physical health benefits of today’s clean industry.

Indoor Air Pollution Is Worse Than Outdoor Air Pollution

There’s a reason why indoor air pollution has gotten worse. Contaminants are regularly building up right under our noses, whether we see them or not, and need constant vigilance to counteract. Indoor air pollution has been found to be up to three times worse than outdoor air pollution, not helped at all by a lack of ventilation or failure to reach out to the clean industry for deep-cleaning methods. Contrary to the title, dry ice isn’t actually ice. It’s a form of solid Carbon Dioxide at a temperature of nearly -80 degrees Celsius.

Superficial Cleaning Doesn’t Get To The Root Of The Issue

You have to wipe down counters, sanitize keyboards and sweep throughout the work. You will eventually need the aid of the clean industry to do a deeper cleaning and catch what you’ve missed. Ice blasting is both a cleaning and polishing method that was patented all the way back in the 1950′s. It has since been used to keep countless buildings, educational establishments and homes as clean as possible from contaminants and chemicals alike. A CO2 blaster will make sure your workspace or manufacturing plant is as safe as possible.

Dust Mites Are Difficult To Reach Without Dry Ice Blasting

A major reason to invest in dry ice blast cleaning is eliminating the build-up of dust mites. These insects are incredibly small and tenacious, able to burrow into sheets, pillows and carpets without detection. The three main types of hazards and contaminants that cause unsafe food include biological, chemical and physical. Biological includes microorganisms, such as dust mites and ants. Chemical includes cleaning solvents or pesticides, while physical involves hair, dirt or any other matter that has no business being around food.

Contaminants Will Eventually Spread To Other Areas

Taking the extra step to invest in dry ice blasting contractors means an environment both your workers and customers can be confident in. The CDC recently concluded that one out of six Americans get sick each year by consuming contaminated food or beverages. When you add the spread of viruses and bacteria, an extra effort with dry ice pellets will go a long way in providing peace-of-mind. Dry ice blasting uses compressed air between 80 and 90 PSI to blast pellets of dry ice at a high velocity, cleaning surfaces to an impeccable degree.

The Clean Industry Is Better Equipped Than Ever

When you’re worried about the cleanliness of your establishment and want to ensure you’re meeting a high standard, the clean industry is ready to meet you halfway. CO2 blasting is a reliable method that kills bacteria, flushes out insects and wipes out nearly all traces of physical contamination. Carbon dioxide is nearly 40% heavier than the air we breathe and, when combined with heavy pressure, will ensure you’re not left concerned about indoor air pollution. Carbon dioxide concentrations can be toxic, however, and it’s important to leave dry ice blasting to the professionals.

Move beyond the surface. See how dry ice blasting can keep your environment, and reputation, spotless.

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