Invest in a Digital Sign from a Reputable Sign Company

Will a sign get my business noticed

Are you in the market for a business sign? If so, you’re in luck. There are many companies out there that offer business signs for virtually every use. Well regarded sign companies across the country, from Delaware to St. Louis Missouri, offer a slew of different types of signs to choose from. Any local electric sign company can help you out if you need one sign, or thousands, and they work tirelessly to make sure that what they deliver will exceed expectations.

Customers across the country prefer using a local electric sign company because they offer a wide array of different signs that can be ordered in a variety of sizes, at affordable prices. Depending on the size, color, content, and material, customers can purchase signs for as cheap as $8 for a small sign, all the way up to $100 for a large sign. Check out some examples of our signs: yard signs, banners, trade show displays, real estate signs, window graphics, promotional items, large format digital printing, and digital signs. I mentioned digital signs last because it’s different from other signs. This type of sign is gripping the country as one of the newest, most effective ways to advertise.

You may be asking yourself: “Will a sign get my business noticed?” The answer is yes. According to studies done in recent years, digital signs work well to draw the attention of customers. In fact, compared to businesses that stick to traditional signage, businesses that seek out the expertise of an electric sign company and invest in digital signs see an average of 30% more sales. Why? Because digital signs are more unique, interesting, entertaining and less annoying that other types of signs and media.

It’s simple, digital signs catch people’s attention, and this works in the favor of businesses who use digital signs because studies show that nearly 40% of customers are more apt to shop at businesses who use digital signs. It’s also important to note that, for companies that don’t use digital signs, nearly 35% of people don’t even know where the company is located, or that it even exists! And considering the fact that 85% of potential customers reside within five miles of your business, it would be silly not to invest in attention-grabbing, digital signs.

Because of the proven success of digital signs, more and more businesses are beginning to invest in them, so much so that a study conducted by Grand View Research Inc. projected that the global market for digital signs will reach $20 billion by the year 2020!

So if you’re looking for an eye-catching sign for your business, yard, trade show, or what have you, consider checking out a reputable sign company and invest in a digital sign.

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