Medical Blister Packaging

Track and trace solution

Many people are probably wondering, “What is blister packaging?” The name alone sounds like something unpleasant, but in fact blister packaging is very helping. It refers to pharmaceutical and medical packaging. Chances are, you’ve probably used these packaging services and didn’t even know it. If you’ve ever used medication that came in plastic packaging where the product is tucked into a cavity or pocket and the back part is thin aluminum or a peal-able substance, then you’ve used a blister package. It’s a good chance you have, since 48.5% of Americans have used some kind of prescription drug withing the last 30 days or so.

The blister package design is specifically used this way because the pockets are kept safer and run a lesser risk of getting damaged. If the drug is instead in a bottle package, rather than a blister card packaging,liners and seals allow the product to stay away from foreign outside substances Not only that, but bottle packing services and packaging services and even liquid pouch services offer different caps and seals, from child-proof to, easy-open and strip seals, ensuring the safety of your product.

Vial pharmaceutical packaging is often used, both by doctors and individually, for pharmaceuticals because its provides pre-measured doses in sealed containers, making it easier to use. Vial pharmaceutical packaging allows for easier distribution and come as pouches, which are easily open and disposed for the customer. Plastic blister packaging remains the most commonly used package for unit doses in the United States, because it remains incredibly safe and effective, in any form. Most blister packing also offer things like lot numbers and expiration dates, allowing for clearer serialization for both the pharmacist and the person receiving it.

One of the most beneficial things about blister packaging, specifically vial pharmaceutical packaging is when it comes to injector pens and sterilized bottles. A lot of pharmaceutical companies require customizable packaging in order to do that, which makes blister packaging the ideal service to use. Not only that, but as a fun little bonus, several ways exist to customize blister packaging, including color, style and options for containers. The versatility of blister packaging is what makes our doctor’s lives and our lives just a little bit easier.

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